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  • 00:00: once children today We are preparing a cake eclair the taste of this cake pleases gourmets in worldwide more than 120 years for éclairs We use cream diplomat prepare custard cream cream diplomat bowl pour 40 30 grams of sugar grams of starch mix add 100 milliliters of milk
  • 00:30: mix add one two eggs well stir and is set aside Pour into pan 220 milliliters of milk add 40 grams sugar and a pinch of salt bring to a boil in several stages
  • 01:02: add half hot milk sugar syrup milk-egg mixture stirring all the time return to pan Put the pan on medium heat and all while stirring bring to a thickening turn off the heat and add 30 grams butter and stir another two minutes pour into a saucepan
  • 01:33: 60 milliliters of water add half teaspoons gelatine reserve for swelling for 10 minutes until gelatin swells wipe ready custard through a sieve so that it It was a class saucepan with swollen gelatin put on fire and warmed up complete dissolution gelatin and
  • 02:03: transparency hot solution add gelatin custard well mix Cover with food film and leave cool down prepare choux dough eclairs Pour into pan 150 milliliters of milk and 150 milliliters of water add 150 grams butter
  • 02:34: bring to a boil add half teaspoon tablespoons salt and stir until oil is not completely melted pour 200 grams flour and intensively stirring knead brewing dough during kneading reduce heat to secondary the dough should keep up with the walls pots and it should gather in the dough
  • 03:05: ball and We shift the dough into mixer bowl and We mix it on low speed for three minutes to the dough slightly cooled down and out steam to escape continue Stir at low adding speed on one hits 67
  • 03:37: The finished dough should a smooth and brilliant and viscous during kneading January 2 once we remove it from the the walls of the mixer bowl The finished dough we shift in piping bag with
  • 04:07: nozzle diameter half centimeter by pastry bag spread on pan lined with paper for baking about 35 cakes length 10 centimeters lubricates cakes yolk diluted in half with water, wipe out all irregularities bake eclairs
  • 04:37: in a pre-heated oven at a temperature of 180-190 40 degrees Celsius minutes turn off oven and leave cakes in the oven for another 10-15 min ready cakes We take out of the oven and we give cool prepare cream mixer bowl pour 500 ml cream fat content of not less than 30
  • 05:07: percent add 10 grams vanilla sugar whisk until lush dense cream does not kill the will butter half butter whipped cream add custard cream gently stirred one direction and the resulting mix with the remaining cream whipped cream with help
  • 05:39: pastry bag fill the cavity resulting in eclair cream diplomat Ready eclairs can sprinkle with sugar powdered or cover chocolate in order to covered eclairs you need chocolate Melt chocolate waterbath or microwave dip cakes chocolate lay on dish and give chocolate freeze cakes and pastry choux
  • 06:11: dough is very tasty and always welcome on our website videoculinary.ru or in Russian videoculinary.ru section cakes and pastries you find cake recipe Lady fingers brownie recipe from choux pastry swans custard recipe cakes and profiteroles other recipes inspiration luck
  • 06:41: Peter and pleasant Th Well