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  • 00:22: Hello, My name is Alex Anatole. For last 29 years I teach about classical daosism including Chi Quong (Qigong), in the United States.
  • 00:34: And today I want to show you a Chi Quong (Qigong) workout. Healing exercises for a back. In the United States it is called "Back Clinic". Special exercises for a back. And now a few words about back problems in general. Every third person in the world, especially in civilized, industrial countries, got problems with a back.
  • 01:08: In Boston "The New England Journal of Medicine" made a research about back problems. It was found that after 25-27 years of age blood supply almost stops in vertebrae and discs. Lubricant layer between spinal discs becomes very thin.
  • 01:42: Everything begins to rub. Spinal cord begins to shrink and this gives colosal pain. In some cases person becomes even paralyzed. So why your back is in pain? It is actually more dangerous than a migraine or pain in leg or an arm.
  • 02:10: When back starts to hurt you can tell that this is a very bad symptom. In some cases person can't sit or sleep or lay down normally. There are a statistics, that people in U.S. even commit a suicide because of chroniс back pains.
  • 02:35: In a scale from 1 to 10