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  • 00:02: Hello now I tell you how cut glass bottle for example here so out of hand champagne and explain what it can It is useful for to cut I made a bottle one is enough artless design the basis of this here is a design Here at the glass cutter For this fit absolutely any glass cutter in wooden handle I stekloreza made two small holes
  • 00:30: that allow attach the glass cutter this code block of wood with screws also in wood bar I previously slipped here is such a groove that allows fix the glass cutter most stable I own a bar
  • 01:00: attached to worktop Depending on the table to what month bottle should be cut here here and here I Screwing additionally limit screw days such suits me here is the distance given that located steklorez It should be about is half for the metro bottle in my case it 2 dsp board bolted friend other half centimeters below
  • 01:31: to you only stekloreza not swaying from side to I side with the help of improvised create and further emphasis from here is such a and clamp level the focus back to the Besides, the adjustable and and now just spin the bottle pressing it to glaziers
  • 02:08: why you need a bottle rotate side stekloreza because this case, all chips flying down to rotate Bottles should be repeatedly until formed here such that's exactly deep scratch and now we a split bottle moving rapidly from hot cold water
  • 02:33: warm bottle should be approximately 1 minute here and now I can see here bottle is cracked but
  • 03:03: absolutely straight cut
  • 03:42: bottom of a bottle of champagne can be used such as ashtray inside this is main body can be put a light bulb
  • 04:00: Here such here I will be if attached any basis can be vertically use as well priests or it may be also here this the basis of such and burn through
  • 04:35: this is not among the rivers afraid of the wind and its can be used I put it for instance in the country or it may be also one more thing this option Well all until questions you
  • 05:00: you can leave at the bottom of the comments a reference to the artist It is a description Video is also at the bottom in description is link to our feed youtube where you can find a lot of useful until all information