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Fast super ulovisty bait in 3 minutes for a crucian, the bream, small fry.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello I lake I intend to put Russia but yesterday It happened so I do not trouble time to cook bait did not have my time but way out of this situation there I will cook bait right here on the pond so I need I've not rolled oats I'll cook
  • 00:31: briefly rolled oats It can be pre little crush preparing the bait just 3 minutes and so the mound or rolled oats and poured breadcrumbs here it all at once sypte if suddenly guess water pour more water simply add or
  • 01:01: crackers or Hercules so all mixed and a little bit I eat some water straight from pond a little more it carefully
  • 01:33: grind that's quite normal and speaker consistency here We now obtain we present this bait on some time to it is soaked with water for a while until she saturated with water you can cook all
  • 02:03: tackle so the bait is ready currently remains at bat and in the trough there is throw donk Here is such a
  • 03:26: good Karasik bait works that you would prove I hope this video you It was what is useful and wondering if pleasant place huskies subscribe on my channel good luck with your fishing all the best to goodbye