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  • 00:00: reflex alex before start the course Bodyflex you need to learn breathing technique so is no secret that thanks to excess oxygen in the body combustion occurs our unwanted fat years will help you quickly bring your shape in order the improve their body health so deal with it and all It will be excellent for it relaxes muscles stomach first thing we do we make calm exhalation lips themselves and straw exhale all the air
  • 00:30: who we are in the light went exhale until the end again exhalation quiet excellent 2 there breath we close ideas and people across nose inhale as much as possible faster and air speech a must create the following breath speech breath fine and the second rule when
  • 01:00: try to inhale relax your muscles belly, as if throw your stomach front meaning you breathe in and the abdomen and nose breath come Let's breath fine Well done again third stage breathing Now all of the air that you have absorbed a you must release out and say a kind word for groin at It should be open so it can be wider mouth that is, you do respiration
  • 01:31: great produce all the air to the outside just once more breath they exhale so you do not He says there just exhale that's completely fine After you we exhale draw in the stomach under the ribs direct effect here sucking suck belly under rib and not breathe on August 10 seconds, I repeat once time and exhale it's drawing breath
  • 02:00: abdomen under the rib and 8-10 seconds breathe showing once slowly drove exhaling a sharp breath groin draw in the stomach Here you have a great must be a feeling as though you If you want to breathe you are nothing like the feeling of I want to breathe
  • 02:30: No if you have the air remained in the lungs then you can stand long if you all exhaled when pahi date then you want to die the first exercise who we are We do take two Cam put them here So let your hands give Now then when you have your hands close to chest you work your muscles biceps we need in addition to the biceps We worked muscles Breast remove another well the woman yes I'm here it is not necessary, and here at Men, too, the war interesting diets so we asked
  • 03:00: buns and we had streets and turned them from Breast draw aside fine Now then we are now we are first breath and then we start to like can be more squeeze hands We went breathe exhaling a sharp breath Pav was dragged under the belly I believe we press the edges 21 not breathe twenty-two twenty-three and twenty four twenty-five twenty six
  • 03:31: more 27 28 29 30 great work non-stop exhaling sharp intake of breath every great exercises to do at 3 fold I give notice at the Likud j1 difference is how they
  • 04:00: We always handle parallel to the ground floor and the ceiling and the little me otodvin really like youtube where were breast earned muscle that here, too, all unnecessary burning here here porridge fat everywhere burned the last time alcohol breath burned inhale as much as possible breath longer under the belly somehow defer ribs 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 fine
  • 04:35: rest following exercise and why a 21 because it does not need to breath 8-10 seconds Rome 2 mound 3 nights now yes to talk Because you think 1 2 3 4 August well as the each count differently on well that is there there is less time when you You start counting in 2122 You pass smoothly second to himself not deceive as follows an exercise It is a tree staom on left foot
  • 05:00: right leg set Now put your hands here up and share up will be given to flash that all possible say that even yoga and are drawn up and only with effect weight loss we Alain Adults are drawn up to fine, let's breathe you are so unfortunate speak each which evenness We went a sharp exhalation breath
  • 05:30: we rise up Drains 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 breath breath belly breath smelled before end tightens belly up 21 22 23 24 25 26
  • 06:03: 27 28 29 30 feel dobalans stabilizing but when more muscle good as between Duc Now here's the top Now there is a great Here it should be Even here must generally stick to back but you know what stretched among the points massage and last time but you Can not highly can raise its put here to keep balance We went a sharp exhalation breath
  • 06:43: great change foot Three times now the left an exhalation breath-up 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 are drawn 2930
  • 07:07: as needed Just remember 3 once every pro-life 3 1 it is sufficient to every muscle, every morning every morning until we will talk We do every morning on an empty stomach to accelerate its exchange exhalation substances breath Herbert verpir 21 22 23 24
  • 07:33: 25 26 27 28 29 30 and the last just breathe breathe harder well protected
  • 08:02: spinning normal this is normal surplus oxygen so great following exercise designed large gluteal muscle tightens marina I have my actual Do you have a question something to engage and Now who does not get there some kind of game is not well Of course if you do not it turns out in the morning audio stream Lose Weight But on the evening of possible course that was fast because Body flex when you Occupation visible the result will already be for the first week to the
  • 08:30: shrinkage It derived from 10 to 35 but in centimeters Well, yes first week so that's why We need to deal ash that morning but I'm going simply reducing shrinkage fat years presented in 30 September all can intermeddle in things are not even young every morning as follows I exercise I turn around like this designed for large gluteal muscle night we present that Here is a table and you go to him sit down in the morning to edge to we feel here you feel
  • 09:00: poison us draw aside us from the chair beside the A6 Bring you just back chair at it as if I just raised here I felt here here is also a Matrix also be work leads dos and more ago perform inhalation this exercise all We went breathe exhale sharp intake of breath
  • 09:38: great exhale breath to end issuing dragged back straight back 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Excellent
  • 10:01: last time here man has been uniflex it is very look in the mirror I understand you are there to bask to the side great next We exercise for 10 m press to go to bed
  • 10:35: about this exercise It is very simple as you usually swing your press we now just tear off shoulders and fix the blade yourself in the hands of the lower back we put in parallel semi someone so hard You can raise your hands and pull himself up up like how you not comfortable like so comfortable head ago we did not allot head to omit chest to the neck does not
  • 11:00: experienced load Here we are drawn and thigh forward all remains waist wave tear off shoulders blade went breathe exhaling a sharp breath draw in the stomach and up 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  • 11:30: exhalation two or three times breath April 5 6 7 8 September 10th great exhalation breath hold up two times
  • 12:02: three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 great and last let us exercise you will do very I had useful I call rinse it is very useful for the intestine to the stomach for everything as an interesting question do you think it is exhale more consider what to do reserve and waiting for some big hand cancer light means right now you relax, we
  • 12:30: It means that we are now with you do breathing exhale inhale exhale but not draw in the stomach belly we do not We will pull themselves we are relaxed relax the stomach pull pull in ie the following will backs do not work breath The result is relaxing and trained you suffered 3 relax in the stomach shade hara weak in the shadows
  • 13:00: relax in the shade of the adhesive the war we so here We do not go back like rooted to the spot marina work for the sake of tradition I wanted him Arise, let go rovnenko approach me back equals fleeing from both ironing board called post ironing board and I am so so spose melted and you do not Well I like you too working muscles belly and back muscles when on We went hard exhalation sharp breath work
  • 13:39: and the first breath a lot of air
  • 14:03: 1 semester to do both can then learn systems gave five generally last time la vida sharp intake of breath
  • 14:33: perfectly even at this the complex will be Lex on today over lease this and