Knitting by a hook How to knit a ball the Lesson 294 How to crochet ball  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today we will learn do here this knitted ball for this we need basis it may be milled Beads polystyrene or some large first beads
  • 00:31: provyazyvaem circle diameter circles must be accurately the same as the diameter our bulbs are It fits in a circle We have already passed on a previous Lessons I remind you that in the each row must added 6 columns without sc Further knit four
  • 01:03: or five rows ordinary columns, without sc without making any additions thus we
  • 01:33: Get in shape caps Now a gut-wrenching it inside and put into the ball is now possible to start subtraction and loops To this end, each We diminish number 6 loop I diminish every three
  • 02:03: loops of provyazyvayu three column, without sc in each loop of one pillar of the February 1 and 3, and the following two loops provyazyvaem
  • 02:35: place We take out the loop and then another 3 together and knit loop and so to provyazyvaem end circle subtracting 6 eyelets next row diminish 2 loops for this
  • 03:05: provyazyvaem 1 column then another, without sc one column without sc in next loop and more knit two together eyelets therefore diminish the loop provyazyvaem
  • 03:36: this circle until the end Vavla I just 6 loops in a row We do the next row decrease by one loop provyazyvaem column, without sc and then loops 2 with 1 st to and the second loop and so knit to the end
  • 04:06: circle and when we It will total 6 eyelets contractible them a needle and here ball ready he It is useful for to make beautiful baby toy and small balls can be used
  • 04:36: in order to do slingobusy or to the middle of a nice flower with you were Irina write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube style to the email channel newsletter on the website is not since a beginner's to dot ru new appointments