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  • 00:00: Hello this Video will show you and tell you how complete knitting as fasten strings which will remain and what to do with a loop which remained on the hook if you interesting Stay with me very often I ask this question how to complete knitting how to fix strings to all It was firmly nothing blossomed so suppose that I completed its knitting here in my left hook loop
  • 00:31: and then all very just not this loop to pull good size not less than five cm not it's better to regret will have more excess as they say always It can be cut and Now here's the loop top top together we bend in half cut now we need to pull the string
  • 01:01: which here comes from glomerular working our thread, and in this place remain here such one tail Basically your knitting do not bloom even if by accident pull over here this the rest of the tail This thread then see nothing is blooms only unless specifically start pulling loop to hook loops only knitting it all but still down strings were their We need time to consolidate they need to be put somewhere everything to be neat and beautiful I'm doing this
  • 01:31: case you now I tell his method if you approach your if you're in a different way this do what share with me in comments and so These tails in places where they go out and again I fix knots how I do it in this example at the site where thread insert here picks up as the hook if I see here this Now the tail loop and pull through loop this one tail threading all you end up with more
  • 02:03: one knot tightened I do the same with thread which have We stayed at beginning knitting, too if you pull it nothing special bloom intentionally or casually but still it you can also consolidate like nodules We pull in the next the same place and the loop is passed through it tail that's left we tails additionally fixed forks
  • 02:33: what to do now I obverse Now this I Wrong side Products I do so I I take the hook and now side by side in the place where this is now the I have a tail on the back side from the wrong so here my way hook Now among these here loops and snip among pattern so plump you see on the dial loop hook I grab the tail and slowly stretch
  • 03:03: through here these here opening a Chick's tunnel already for something so caught hard to be pulled out handed himself just like this here She pulled by the tail and he straightened hid in our wrong side of the front hand nothing and can be seen to do this operation on look where I dense and more knitting here where I do not have holes
  • 03:33: sense thread thread the here further even a little hide because when worn knitwear Basically this ponytail can jump right or when washing e.g. so it's better already once it is securely secure and no longer back to this proceedings continue here tail stretch I do not quite
  • 04:12: successful strings way too often Cubs write that hard pull some loop here such thread that Let not delaminate but I argue, in principle, I'm not used to that's hard to help part of himself with his hands pull the tail So I basically you just to show how an example see here happened tyrant that's tail sticks do need not try it
  • 04:42: plump and implicate even at the end of may again lock bundle that is here in this place where there you We stopped again you pull here and so loop and pull more times this tail here additionally get another here is uzelochek eat here if I pull you see already nothing is He pulled the same way fixed Here tails that we at the beginning knitting and stayed
  • 05:12: Now it turns to front side tails do not stick all very neat and I firmly believe I thank you for watching I hope this video it was helpful to you If you are not already added me friends contact the adds write I your posts questions may I need my help and sort circuit or something to tell If you are not already Subscribe to my then go through the channel now for a reference on Home screen channel page and
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