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  • 00:00: Hello Today I offer you exercise for the fingers so called dynamic they develop fine motor coordination teach debatik and extension of the fingers and oppose all thumb rest first all still full price of 3 make sure that the child correctly reproduced what you show him if you want to let him help her finger foot hand hands
  • 00:31: first exercise is done one hand if the course does not take root when part on donations then the second and than I place let's start and the first exercise is the first game It is called a strong and home position fingers fists got scatters since more this way and grandfather
  • 01:01: and why the grandmother this package Daddy this package Mummy this policy and I dollars and my whole family the second option is to exercise repairs to press palm monument night more Next game lodge rockets policy Why this card to start more PaO2 3 and 4 May we walked through the Ethics and Regulations
  • 01:33: though at 3 4 5 House Article 305 work fingers investors night again more well as the brothers to work show their work Bolshakov yes chop stove throughout Tibet drink now I will wear and your dinner worth
  • 02:03: any helpers but because all the songs to sing sing songs finish our children to compare Fingers go to sleep bends a fist starting with more inter finger wants to sleep the package cover this finger nap This policy is already asleep this spam debt
  • 02:33: and then will all the countries gave fingers the roles on more than 30 firefighters fingers greet evidence friends and so they not departments of Armenia friendly guys friends in our group girls
  • 03:05: and the boys and so we will be prepared little fingers so 2 3 and 4 May It starts counting again February 2 3 4 5 we believe that much guests a visit to a large pack coming right at home who has 20 days from the families
  • 03:35: and last they are brighter club shock Sandra threshold at Bronx Technology Park 4th John Pendry of Ukraine is not in vain fingers boy and the same Guardian We start laughing Thumb matches where a company With this wealth I went this throwing cooked
  • 04:06: deal with it well live with this process and have not been drinking we understand that the crowd trouble but who made it clear go and the time when the good evening plugin fight we then understand who will go and the victory USD sick yes to the entrance a little fighter new money and the company
  • 04:37: flower ringlet ringlet chain is stained get Today is a big holiday is not entitled to and received medium business units These terms can be very complications for example they may be can come up with themselves eg
  • 05:08: connect the index finger of one and a great second point to the second, and a great first that someone with an average forest nameless Will not change and now faster Anya with a ring of his shadow chain of bags we get and such variant White square
  • 05:38: small index average the same with the average immensely hryvnia chain with Tipo ring with a ring tags chain sources why we By the way if you think finger or useful, not only for kids this is not true some are very useful for us and
  • 06:09: rosah example if you try to do But such a question you pick up the thumb of one hand initiators as well as opinion always a big Pyekha and 1 unit Yakutsk money they if you are tired and your brain is tired of thinking try online do this exercise
  • 06:39: it is good to shake up those areas the brain that usually sleep and it is to refresh the suspension forces Well Well clarified Madrid all good