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Universal nozzle on a crucian, the bream, small fry (MANDULA in 15 minutes)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, many probably know this universal nozzle as a Mandoul it is pea dough here used peas manta and fragrances well on added taste Many people know how to Well do not all They know how to do it in 15 minutes everyone knows that peas cooked very
  • 00:30: long and that cook us here a piece of Mandoul we need to cook peas and how to make it quickly in 15 minutes not boiled peas and a makes it very just for this we necessary grinder to pour
  • 01:01: little pea about a handful peas close Well
  • 01:32: probably enough for hand on the resin pour it on the edge Dish why edge Now I explain to my end protrudes to Now know how many add monkey monkey we We will strew about
  • 02:02: slightly less than half than we have peas or even half how much we peas Now we all mix
  • 02:38: take approximately so many sex glasses of water add to quite a little vanilla or then there you have on taste and pour here
  • 03:10: our resulting mixture should definitely pour the mixture into water and not vice versa grist a mixture of because if we casting the mixture into our water
  • 03:30: very difficult for us then it will be about preventing them from getting uniform mass interfere interfere
  • 04:12: to have everything It was evenly over a density of about here so here it is in the Eye about how jelly can be a little
  • 04:30: thicker We give it to stand well approximately 3 minutes, and then this one glass we put in microwave and leave about 3 minutes but the time everyone should
  • 05:01: pinpoint their since microwaves different power different and someone can for three minutes at someone on 4 someone 2 and a half all it is recognized by an experienced We set in by microwave here
  • 05:31: we passed three minute, and the fact that we turned our throw out from a glass on a plate available from us here
  • 06:01: so that's a mixture of now we have wait 34 minutes and wait for when your hands will suffer so it is hot and it's start the ball It took us about try three minutes
  • 06:30: she we still hot but the hot better then it is better warming up shoulder and day Hawk is in us stick means turned myagenkaya
  • 07:01: this quality packing virtually pecks any peaceful fish and roach, bream and crucian carp and all who want a packed already enjoyed years about 20 and catch on it all that is caught
  • 07:30: very effective thing constantly I used to do it He said separately peas then mixed boiled peas with semolina gauze wrap back I cooked in boiling pan the entire process It took three hours Now here such here weight . We have a 2 title
  • 08:01: It obtained for 15 minutes with and coffee grinders microwave you can go on a fishing trip that's all it's video I took wanted to share The experience of many people yet rates peas separately and cooks all
  • 08:33: it is necessary for the old-fashioned use the new I hope technology the video was useful and you liked it all luck while