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  • 00:00: All greetings after long such separation all the same four I have not exhibited a month no video dropped out free minute i decided a little bit share news make a useful video for fishing in general my last video was about fishing in Thailand, I returned to September from Thailand and I was waiting for this interesting news I was accepted for study for a bachelor's degree on computer
  • 00:32: Science here in principle, I started study as it were very big surprise for me and unexpectedly little has come and even was not ready for this and while here it was oklemalsya already passed a semester that's special like me there was a time on video not even fishing we came only just a couple of times you went to their captain several such especially here on to the great account I
  • 01:02: decided a little bit re-qualify in fishing, that is go with this artisanal fishing carp on more sports that is buy exactly specialized rod for feeder I decided to go fishing and boil corn alarms with normal feeder me this case is a little bit a little while
  • 01:32: resources , I'm everything I was able to collect here we are in principle, I decided make a small video is related with my new hobby today i I want to show how hair tooling for fastening boilies or corn or any other hair extension
  • 02:02: rigging is used Braided fishing line as it were, the diameter is already too arrived before each let everyone decide for yourself what the diameter fits him it will take about such cut line here about 20 centimeters again much depends on na on
  • 02:32: which we will catch if this some kind of or stand but where will fail the nozzle is for us it is desirable to take on length make a leash if this any rocky bottom where we are or scalars where we we do not want to have the weight fell in one place together casting and the leash is like this he dangled and fell somewhere behind the driftwood some or between stones even during vyvazhivaniya then we will do more
  • 03:03: short lead in principle CSR we technique as we do not this business is tied up I will explain the course of the matter also like that work for us need a hook drying because the spatula will not so easy to tie hook sharply we we pass through fly fishing line
  • 03:33: and here is this part of it which will remains with us that is which we have done this will be the hair itself which we will fasten our attachment that is, well, we are about no matter how stingy we are measure how much we
  • 04:04: should take into account the fact that We will need fold it in half after we add it together and pass it back is trying to wet we pass it back to we are here
  • 04:35: such a loop but this in principle it will be very small hair so we have it slightly extend here such a hair will be me I think more such hair will be like Once and after that we just take this one Here is a piece of fishing line which we have remains here long initially and start winding
  • 05:06: its on top of everything this case imposed now reel you need about nothing when we knit common node five times wrapped this is sufficient it is necessary to wind to about the sting after how we wound up
  • 05:40: we just do it pass this line backward fly through the line back gun and delaying with us is approximately here is such a thing in order to tighten better we catch
  • 06:11: hook for something and tighten it stronger in principle, the nodes here as you see no no, that is, we are not us not that nowhere passed there some cut out the nodes but it is very strong equipment such she keeps very well can also be reduced I did not calculate a bit with a fishing line we do not sufficed how would you I wanted to do a long the leash will come out short nothing terrible further for the equipment itself
  • 06:42: how do we equip ourselves how are we here We hang on hundred we take any fight or corn for this we need residual needle for we need this residual needle they sold in fishing stores like you can naturally first time to do some I do not know analogs some sort of gypsy needle is superfluous this is not exactly
  • 07:13: it is convenient as a dune I am so dispensed the first time is not yet acquired to us accurate this is for a needle it ordinary needle with crochet so on whose end a and which has such thing here that closes fixes what we hooked and this can draw a line there through any tubules like this now I will show also like this equip we take this open the game on it Here it is that stacker
  • 07:43: open it and pierce a boilie my pierced pierce a boilie account before that degree until this is here is the stocker, this one is not will come out of the boil Now crochet we catch the voice itself is closed
  • 08:13: stopker close it and string now fighting on this one here after we have it strung open 100 a feast we pull out of his loop and in principle, you can say that our The rigging is ready but there is one more
  • 08:44: a small bar in the time of casting and and generally when will be all that business in the water we do not we want that so that our was slipped from hook so we take i enjoy such here as elastic bands common risen gum cut off a small piece from this gum of this I I think that's enough piece why do we folded the first time
  • 09:15: passed a line for which we and folded twice that was formed such is the loop in this loop we shove this piece of gum it was necessary more but cut preferably take less because fish is also all this can see this will appear suspicious special adult carp they a lot of things be afraid of some excess forests of weights It is necessary to see only
  • 09:46: was and so we tighten it on this rubber band is will lock the in the cast of time of survival in time that is all what will happen the boyle will not give him fly off every time he will go here in this side of the rubber will stop and the same I will have a soft move is not there will be something this one from blows crush a boilie from here . herself in the principle of bone gently and here we are hair fitted the last We need this
  • 10:17: tie this hair to the main line now there is much many different types fastenings from to mainly use use swivels but those who do not seem to use swivels or any by any other things are very ordinary this loop in the loop we do here add up to half the end of the fishing line to catch will be a little bit
  • 10:48: short lead Well, the main thing is that she she herself is clear add up to half make the loop end loop end of the loop and tighten the nodule that we have it turned out after that cut off all unnecessary the ends are good with braided and not necessary
  • 11:19: cauterize fishing line is a chance pass it after all leash or somehow hurt its superfluous and and heat even too bathroom when we we try as much as possible to come nearer to evil that this chance is this leaves that is, we have will in principle strong lead cut off excess ends now these ends too less distracting carp from the bait itself there will not be
  • 11:49: hang hold all that we get it then what exactly is needed here so it lies on the bottom when the carp swims and sees this bright boyl it is visible that is principle except sand if we are not on the sand the moon is somehow or we have days and hours on some stones grass and it does not matter what even if there is an ordinary length then it will be the sirens are visible against the background against the background of this bottom dark when carp swims sees this
  • 12:21: bout it it sucks and in principle itself is already lost for the hook is here hook all the time goals this is a small this advantage as if athletic catching usually he too lost under the lower Well, well, basically this is the hair was founded as well installation referred to in I will show more some interesting things that I'm into principle, too Gradually now I'm learning for me it's all new this my learned not so long will I be
  • 12:51: capabilities spread new things all bye