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  • 00:00: how manna is made chatting is desirable some jar a jar that can have close twisting lid take the jar and pour in her monkey means how much pour monkey here about how much we want to use for catching here so much on the manke you need pour out because manga we are now Fill the water here the moment we let's do this quantity flood with water and water it is necessary to fill a manga to such an extent that she slightly bedspread manga
  • 00:30: above, we are now water poured a little more than it is necessary it does not matter because we quite calmly now we can pee excess water from above or just here add a dry monkey our task is to make so that y us the manga was slightly covered with water from above in this case we flooded our manna talker in the future just by water we could to make a bathroom grandmother not only water could do on Milk could do We could
  • 01:00: do on the water in which was added ago flavoring that which we necessary for this type of fish for example add there or vanillin or could add for example hemp oil a little bit literally a couple of droplets this in will give our bathroom talkers fragrance and naturally this is our bait will be more appetizing for fish but I must say that often semolina good talker and by itself that is just
  • 01:30: erected on the water without any flavors well if we want fish surprise then you can go there add more honey can add every possible flavors can sensation vskih flavors slightly add small pinch worse from this our the nozzle will not be very important only in no event overdo it with flavoring because our nozzle and and the number of small so there quite literally there are droplets on the floor any flavoring no longer needed because the surplus flavoring can
  • 02:00: simply nullify biting because bait will be to smell excessive actively and and fish it can alert especially if speech it's about spring and autumn in the summer in warm water flavor even excessive amount in principle does not harm as soon as the water starts to cool in spring and autumn quantity flavoring is necessary minimize here we have passed 20 minutes and we are now can our manna
  • 02:31: mash start stir if look at the grain a it is not visible that a little bit swollen grains of manga and now they are still semolina chatterbox do not resemble but for to do Here from these swelled up grains monkey semolina we need to talk take a spoonful turn it over another by the side of the handle it is it is most convenient to do and start like this stir like that the whole secret is that must mix somewhere around 10 15 not less is needed
  • 03:01: such a state with which is when we start spoon pull somewhere around 45 centimeters should the strands stretch monkey music is not coming soon there will be it somewhere on minute 10 starts appear here in this the moment is already considered optimal and our chatting already is still the moment if we are here flooded a little more water than you need very much easy to get out of position ie you can twist course there for example not 15 10 15 minutes and you can twist
  • 03:31: for example half an hour so here's a mix and even if we are water poured a little more than necessary it is all the same when in the kind that we is necessary in a certain way thickens but you can do everything faster than a thousand pinch again added dry mango mix mix stirring see again from someone again slightly dry the uterus added literally small wheelbarrow chips add should be better of course, of course flood the hall with water so that nothing more is coming here add simply to we interfere we hinder and at some point we
  • 04:01: note that it already will begin to is preparing now already disturbing the brush gets tired really that is, we already have consistency is already begins to pull prices Here it is visible that lasts but still a little early still it is necessary to twist that is we are still here grains of grains in principle should be stir to such condition that we practically grains ajuria was not seen here then we already have semolina the talker will be ready for fishing
  • 04:32: if the biting bad is enough here twenty-cubic syringe for one fishing if biting good sometimes sometimes and 3 syringes are not enough semolina of course say that make it very just do not say because that's how it is have to sit straining with another the parties can do a large number and freeze and make it big amount of can great to mix here this little jar they took it take a jar get a little more equip
  • 05:02: syringes but with pieces ten and freeze them in the freezer if they are in the freezer We are already equipped syringes very frozen conveniently, that is, we are on We are going fishing from the evening took out a syringe put it out of freezers just in fridge he quietly with us dough tylo manna chattle and we calmly at all we are fishing they can freeze once semolina mash ie court my if as if on fishing is not use of semolina talker that her accounts for
  • 05:32: throwing away the second time I'm already no freeze meaning of the next fishing go with us again took 2-3 syringes again ready with freezers and everything here this way very comfortably act and everyone once of course do for example, like this do it two syringe twenty-cubic manna chat and on the next fishing sit back again not very convenient and inefficiently well here at we are already here she is ready and here they are locks Here it is visible as they stretch that's already
  • 06:03: we need consistency with hands such a talker on hook impossible it is possible only wind on hook and that's it for these purposes and serves as a syringe syringe squeezed out and winding around hook I then she keeps well and here degree of density here already someone loves more dense someone more liquid manna it is already be individual Here we like, for example such that principle it was more liquid that is, more often more often take a seat on hook for fish
  • 06:35: pecks better than softer talkative theme on natural it hangs straight strands on hook, that is for fish she looks like very natural we look like squeezes out here it is Here we have this syringe we are so thin little talkers