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  • 00:00: again, hello everyone the theme of the next issue of mts as time as our ancestors of trade the so-called context Yes, I'm not tired of repeating that I'm for quality
  • 00:30: effective and easy to use products Often in our lives there are exceptions that is, I think that apply expensive feeder such known the idea of ​​all the respected firms of the type fund device so on what for always happen to be deaf hooks due to which a good mustache this is in my opinion the top squandering
  • 01:01: that is, the way out is to replace them sale more budgetary or UAH best homemade version otherwise ways of making such feeders a great many I would like to offer you my means a method of manufacturing test cisterns means like a criminal testimony is that pilots of the eighth and ninth VAZ family
  • 01:31: adorn the grille of their fireball here is such a glamorous mesh chit in any case, she was blind but here it is like this large and chili that is, when you go basically any the only thing is that there is such a setochki will be you fellows corr Estonian quickly, that is, I like anyone like then go to any car market it car
  • 02:02: any car store tomatoes for very little money buy as much as you need from the calculation m that on one for making one feeders I have my quit about this for a sq meter size 5 by 10 centimeters here if you need to assume there he 20 feeders made help the economy as much as possible it is difficult to have all the points and this one needs
  • 02:32: TV channel "Rain making I made such a conclusion that he small form elementary why that's it here is such a shape is such a food prize of the guild prizes doom if we hammer, suppose in this form trough what there that is, the group and the dark corner back
  • 03:02: leaves out he does not hold Canada but to consolidate that is, this one here I made such a form that is, you are hammering and slightly bend and so long hold unfolds in china a little bit slightly bend about 30 thousand a little bit three dresses to go deep in the report say give shape bending
  • 03:33: literally 5 of all 10 seconds at you for a square meter before the trough is ready that is, my body it remains only to unload and in principle can yanukovich in order to discuss issues no responsibility better of course a place in ranking there will have to cut back Tuesday just well and platelets
  • 04:04: two centimeters longer than blanks yes to send a meter to say the party was able to do it all later quiesced respectively, the request on the plate game adjust Odessa RUR sq.m. feeders if for example one such width it will there weigh 20 grams slightly more or 30 there is a wider 40 perfectly regulates the known
  • 04:34: she is two centimeters for it well, suppose preparation yes all in principle you only have make for a holiday for fasteners for fastening m sharp or great bows to this trough means doing principle very easy Here are some ransom
  • 05:05: all purchases or wrapped up only the law remains all this is done so simple post this country made with this country Seoul Pushkov as such that is, on May 1 from pricks of court you put this noise here
  • 05:35: well and accordingly put it on this shale bend yourself on both sides that is that's how growth all that is because in principle we have something like can slightly squeeze pliers we will have China reliable construction
  • 06:08: that is, you are for manufacturing from one to the fact that we took literally a ton let in parliament that is, if you need to do roughly speaking there are 20 feeders yes do not do it like this smoke breaks for 40 km fifty maximum per hour 20 feeders that is quickly reliably beautiful
  • 06:39: Here I also advised the error is not bother there is little but aesthetic means an aspect which by and large accounts for the fish by the drum there beautiful she is ugly if only she supplied the corr instead of catching the more that I than laborious diligently deduced mykytenko that is more offensive will break off so
  • 07:10: I think it's a consumable 7 8 respectively all the above here and tear off 45 5 floor The Rector of the Gow Home abandoned Rosacea 5 percent means while April we lose not only the bird feeder A snap and yes, if it means a breakage occurred Yes for services that is, a bath
  • 07:41: as they say do many do not just have to tie up the same the grease itself suppose then simply to attach a new feeding trough in Kiev and and can continue to market London says Here is another breakdown occurred in the era of some other place but did not even expect there how much from 220 meters But the lubricant must move there the relics shearers that is, we lose a significant piece expensive road network
  • 08:12: which will subsequently be permanently confuse today for our grease they gave us a scare of the fish the main material is remote that highly as it was Mr. very bad then we lose time to restore the same rigging yes and the same distance of catching as a result of which we lose meet the tempo of athletes understand why and accordingly loses the chance to show
  • 08:44: worthy result Here that is it turns out as it continuous losses of losses and it occurred to me literally a couple of days backward here is that idea how to avoid all these problems course idea asu process aroma maybe it should be a little bit like that tour to refine correct yes but she means the idea is not bad then I really liked it I'm sure to hastily try
  • 09:15: to experience this whole thing in principle I have happened of course it will be necessary to hold them in the spring more such quality field test street but how I'll share you with my idea means basically remains that same is the same yes feeder naturally then, by releasing it, you can release it with him May
  • 09:46: that's the kind of court and I drank to him that the other trough configuration by and large the same only on the principle of Transbaikalia that is, their secrets probably catch luck try the typhoon hour in your mouth protest action that is great bitten off
  • 10:16: means on strips here are the workshops of the year and generally you get holes on night because everything will be okay and good liable to growth in volume but something more respectively so that we the wire g came out here so that's exactly what and these are the errors
  • 10:51: these sites try with the comforts that's them the best and I figured out about raking up them Well, suppose about 90 degrees like this your country back for a square meter that is, they respectively will go inside the trough it's not a secret and back to the mayer clamping
  • 11:23: then We take the point that is usually us they are wound with a braid port of Roma 0 13 we will see bitterly gain I do not have a load now I do not use any clasp shouted because it's always direct
  • 11:53: according to Pinsk it means he'll come neglected it must keep the load that is in principle, and about the wolf reliably sits in this hole now suppose you abandoned it there suppose between some kind of there I'm so elikanid but it went into a blind grip
  • 12:23: we mean meters of cloth but gradually increasing the load, we try, as it were, rivers car wash now see what we get Here these here such here 4 need to install can be cut ксюша as
  • 12:54: PC we do not have the stress of a bird feeder and the braid, respectively remains intact little of we even have a paradox from the roofs of Korkino, there remains one rigging understand
  • 13:24: we play do not lose means me distance the Volga can not leash me a key It remains for us only in principle other but we have a viktor section for 20 pieces another feeder yes and continue to catch that is, we do not lose nikolenko almost nothing only this boat penny here it's done literally there for a minute because for which on principle did not go
  • 13:55: then is it thus preserved? in the same competitions for example, yes to show what a decent result it means there is one more often such happening fishermen will understand me that either with a bite and a terrace grease for what is there a snag or what we lose and volleyball and snap
  • 14:25: and with something else which pierre in general all with such a construction basically there remains, as it were, the hope that we do not lose that he, too, wishes Russia which means at the gate as they say you still have well, and therefore hope for a decent result and as a result of good the mood that you managed to fish in such difficult conditions
  • 14:56: and accordingly with minimal losses yes But they are as always pleasant if this is my idea d was useful at least one person it means all this is not in vain Taking more of your imagination is savvy and will you be happy that's all in principle until the next meeting