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  • 00:00: 7 secrets and is tonic exercises for belly 5 complex strengthen waist and live these exercise will your stomach is strong and a thin otolith Do not worry if You have children and you do not You can regain these flat stomach exercise you help and show you simple options Her jewelry Your little son nuclear my three children and gave them good I understand and proprobuem ready to help them especially want
  • 00:31: show you support for the abdomen and 2 It is constantly I lived in vain to injury before eating it brilliant exercise It does not look nice and worried, This helps everyone and It has long been in the harems repair, put your hands hips so breathe deeply We need to pleasure exhale completely away to squeeze out of the lungs all the air to the end In the dark and to live on count to ten and like this
  • 01:06: daily once you Complete exhale completely Fill the complaints and count to 10 times office once more and inhale exhale all the air from the lungs internet live and count to ten
  • 01:31: times when well-utan we grow old and live satin and this exercise I then tightens now we will contract muscles it relieves stomach the tension in the lower departments and well strengthen this area put your hands on hip inhale Exhale all the air until the end, we will tighten the abdomen and relax its 10 times like that again inhale exhale
  • 02:01: release or the entire air and tighten belly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 perfectly bolt now is the time sitting alone leg after another one arm behind others fall I sit down and the trunk I show you how to improve tone the abdomen and hips management will give shape and make the next flat stomach begins to gently straining stand
  • 02:30: on your knees and pull arms parallel to the floor the truth seriously shoulders back and breathe deeply Now slowly leaning backward graceful longer feel pressed on and came the thigh muscles strengthened linger in the pose straightened up and relax well again inhale relax lean back feel it movement of your hips and strengthens the stomach straightened up and
  • 03:01: relax again and breathe lean back and considered pleasant muscle tension linger in the pose you take soft sit on Give thanks to the heel or Now twist vertebrate this is a great posture stress relief she spine make your waist thin you could sit Just pull 05 a breath raise your right hand
  • 03:30: and gently move it through the left thigh put your right hand on the floor behind the left elbow drop outside about killed put your hand on knee kill enemies without first will not j will worry initial version take the right lift your head breathe slowly turn for the right head arm twisting spine and not strain middle spine and thorium strengthening of disappearing the movement of nerve ventral rootlets authorities to give an oil
  • 04:01: slowly return head to the original position and relax inhale slowly turn your head for shoulder if you free captured this posture put your left hand under the right rewound right hand and join hands linger in the beautiful pose do not strain hold the position it strengthen the hands of shoulders to catch fingers relax and return the head in initial position
  • 04:31: Only world slowly back in argon Now, too bad the other side extend your legs in front of a breath Put your left foot outside and right thigh Left hand on the floor behind back on right arm the outside of the left leg brush on the right Korea Breathe calmly and slowly turn head over the left shoulder twisting catch spine is not strain feel Pleasant voltage
  • 05:01: Crick slowly turn forward head inhale slowly turn your head for shoulder strain can check if and your right hand under left foot left hand rewound behind them connect and brushes linger in the pose relaxed breathing quietly slowly it lost its forward and relax OK extend your legs in front of
  • 05:30: a breath Hands up Look at the ceiling and lower body stretching forward back as much as possible continue without stress breathe Hands up look ceiling put your hands bend palm very well Now more pleasant exercise in We have a long and strengthen the movement Liko you like it enjoy perfect relaxes especially
  • 06:00: your mouth after 30 confess great shape very good drill depth after the desires first sit up straight raise your hands back point the finger ceiling but also gene lean forward stretching sang to his own limit have food to strain it can never be try slip from chin and tibia Inhale and lift smile Dari go back quietly Raykov raised her hands and setting the stage for their head
  • 06:31: gently creator knees and point toes ceiling we will pull lower the leg and useful move strengthen our compressed but if you back words she can become sick in This pile of enough to bend become strain is not necessary also show you that do slowly immerse olaplex legs easily and gently remember at the slightest
  • 07:00: Pain is necessary to bend knees faded and accept you have moved back in this exercise, and you will not have to go to the county Inhale we raise trunk relax stretch back tilt forward exhale and get pleasure stretch back again lay on his back
  • 07:32: do not strain get pleasure lift your knees foot to send ceiling pull the leg slowly lower feet on the floor and bend knees if you need to breathe century We go up and sit down Hands up Look at the ceiling Exhale slowly and quietly lean forward touching the chin pain her breath Hands up
  • 08:00: relax, lie on back hands behind his head bend your knees Point the toes ceiling pull the legs slowly and carefully immerse your feet on and relax inhale rise gently relaxed lean forward and inhale, lift growth and a smooth series on the floor hands behind his head close your eyes and relax bring your knees up to
  • 08:30: chest and shook from side to side usurpations knee Africa you climb sitting very OK