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  • 00:00: umnyasha children ABC hello letter the letter a but we do know with the letter a very little but we will be friends for a long time with the letter a for sure a pineapple watermelon
  • 00:31: And who is this? this shark letter b on the drum fast fast drumming why not play the trumpet letter b banana butterfly and that you have learned?
  • 01:01: this badger letter in the Ivan important knits vareshki Vanya mittens will take they go to sculpt snowballs cherry grapes And who is this ? this camel the letter r
  • 01:34: proud of myself dreams of becoming a poker to the hot coals our hands are not burned Garnet Pear who is it ? cheetah The letter d Village house grandfather and grandmother live together to dymilasya pipe the letter D
  • 02:05: Bring firewood melon woodpecker And who is this ? this dolphin "Letter E" the ladder slowly vsbiraetsya letter e not fun ladder wobbles BLACKBERRY
  • 02:36: RACCOON you learned this echidna Letter g closed eyes for it will tell the tale the letter "e" potrot eyes smiles and falls asleep hedgehog Christmas tree
  • 03:06: the letter w zhuzhit over the ear do not understand the beetles and flies LETTER F perhaps, too, lists you want to look like them acorn GIRAFFE And who is this ? this TOAD curls in their hair
  • 03:39: LETTER W stakes Prettier in front of Masha Ina Oli strawberries Hare zebra Composed "letters and" about herself verses remember them toys
  • 04:10: zveryushki letter cubes FIGS Iguana the mystery revealed to us the letter J that for it all in the world tastier the most useful fruit and sweet yogurt milk as she likes YOGURT IODINE
  • 04:42: YOGA the letter K shakes a leg bored in my book stand I would like as a cat all day chasing a ball Coconut Gooseberry who it guys?
  • 05:13: this kangaroo the letter L on a boat floats on the waves Lunar tunes softly sings lemon BOW LAMA the letter M
  • 05:45: seeing my mother under the ground, we find ourselves and in the most beautiful we rush to the subway Moscow MANDARIN BEAR And who is this ? ANT letter H shod in socks I collapsed on the bed upwardly turned feet
  • 06:16: we must again wear NUTRIA RHINOCEROS LETTER ABOUT open your mouth very loud crows us about the fact that the milk loves the letter O LOBSTER DEER
  • 06:47: WASP LETTER P on the train the fields and the woods birds song goes round singing TRAM-pam-pam PEACH PENGUIN SPIDER
  • 07:18: the letter p motor roars breaks in the path way Buckle said the driver passenger strictly Rowan wolverine a fish letter with
  • 07:50: it is very sweet all afraid of no power she and so a piece someone with a bit off side plum currant ostrich letter T like a hammer hammers a nail into the ceiling what a thunder that a knock the letter t
  • 08:22: knock knock knock seal toucan And who is this ? this is a tiger the letter from taught to read intelligent girlfriend Tired but put ears on mokushki duck
  • 08:55: snail platypus the letter F Nadu cheeks and are not going to blow their It will have a photographer to click and ask not to blink date fruit flamingo pheasant
  • 09:28: the letter x I laughed, though cold in winter I'm not tired of sledging go to the mound of ice persimmon hamster chameleon the king and the princess in the palace
  • 10:01: We are waiting for a visit letter C the letter c not going to visit caught prehensile tail heron so that's why the back of the chair you turned up your feet the letter H to become like four feet well, well cherries gull
  • 10:32: and that kids turtle spike tire hiss letter W hanging in the car step on the ice is not without thorns decided not to drive mulberry briar Shinshu
  • 11:04: the letter u chips sorrel so that they fill the soup soup on the table, so it's time to put the letter u quickly drag pike hard sign He said Wake up we go to brush your teeth if there is a delicious breakfast inapplicable should be eating a letter s
  • 11:34: we asked you have seen in a dream the dreams and we had such a response nibbling cheese with mouse hole soft sign I would like to know how can povtaryat necessary time to sleep in bed eyes close again the letter E He said oh I funniest e letter any of them show a hurry language excavator
  • 12:06: eskimo pie emu He told the letter U us your story if long I stand very tired EULA SKIRT CABIN BOY
  • 12:42: Only praises himself bully the letter I letters huge family but it was me so I an Apple YAK And who is this guys? this lizard kids
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