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  • 00:00: soft original and very warm it autumn decoration accessories will be useful and winter if done from wool or plush start sound basics Decoration will be with goal but the beads with master from the very ordinary yarn for knitting noble tones first draw a circular and a template made of plastic 2 of diameter 7 centimeters and two more diameter 5 We cut out centimeters do it inside
  • 00:32: hole we put yarn in several threads and we wind the arc templates cut at the edges we tighten the middle to get geese to the balcony we collect blanks on the chain is here and the first accessory and if to decorate a pompon
  • 01:04: bow then this soft Christmas tree decoration skin trimming and buns narrow to the beautiful wide belt the bottom of the belt I made of dense skin so you are good keep in shape and the top of the soft beautiful plush for a long time lay on this piece here and it was useful base cut processed in black edging and add buckles measure everything one measure of girth waist and draw the base
  • 01:34: this item is long equal measure and 12 centimeters wide around the edges we make it slightly wider and round the corners we cut out we put or render glue spray and connect the base with plush cut excess we process the edges and fasten the buckle tongues here is a warm belt
  • 02:08: new bright accessories for only a couple of hours and do not need after them go to the store quite simply sort out shreds and collect the remaining grandmother's knitting skeins of yarn olga nikisicheva iliya rarely teeth first channel