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▶ Oksisayz-marafon with Marina Korpan. To grow thin for 30 cm in volumes in two weeks! - YouTube??????????

▶ Oksisayz-marafon with Marina Korpan. To grow thin for 30 cm in volumes in two weeks! - YouTube??????????  See details »



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  • 00:00: bad new oksisayz program flexx system will have Photocopying is oxygen with out of size is not oksisayz happened two words oxigin oxygen and oksisayz exercise bend all Sizes you here do not I know now I just as a coach as a woman like Why is more than oksisayz the difference can be made it is more brethren my and most importantly yes 1 more practical, you do not We need to deal in the morning on an empty stomach and then
  • 00:30: there is here such Agron huge a huge plus that is, Better yet let you held for day at any time just do not eat for two hours before the workout than if something is not smear in the morning to engage in yes no time at all it takes real 15-20 minutes is no longer a Now you do order 19 20 exercise that is this exercise is not breathing has already native but at least I breathe request I teach only Dachau I only weight loss I'm doing it fitness campaign show well, what else is that's no more than What is the difference know
  • 01:00: yes you when we underestimated or 16 8 No is another Bodyflex us here and do not breathe well oksisayz it's you breathe 3d exhale and inhale 3 to exhalation ie almost the same Unlike most so now by Bodyflex again as it is a big plus to deflation to you First breathe and then we do
  • 01:30: exercise on breath-hold and voxy stage you breathe and immediately make exercise to follow the organization well, show at least some the role of holiday for example important to hands up to here when it is, you take two cams dent their press and to each other only that ecstasy is still understand overturned pelvic prokidyval Next Next pan keep it pressed and breathe to breathe issuing and transferring the spirit advanced yes All
  • 02:02: you need to you I lose Weight stop stop exhale and how many times to 2 minutes a day and quite enough you can train the image of that time 30 seconds 30 seconds all that is on it two once obtained there is a way you can develop training for five minutes, we did not Brier enough in the morning We made five in the afternoon in the evening Here's how you can have you remember was the question is not asked and it is possible or more
  • 02:30: time sex the game is not necessary for a taxi should you can even on the street to engage in not no taxis sizing By the way that's possible just engaged one breath because it is a very strong muscle contraction the stomach and the first thing that Vyksa site to lose weight belly is a pressure gauge we do not need so clear new system yes very cool here like her He lost weight after giving birth