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How to knit "Дубовые листья" shawl; hook (1 series))  See details »

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  • 00:00: Thus begins to knit oak ball summit leaves for this we collect a chain of 8 stitches in further connect in its ring we do first loop 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 connect ringlet
  • 00:32: We climb to 3 aerial loops and more I kept this one I will knit two to sc it was not a small small average so we do 2 sc on the hook ring tail We are located along our ringlet to link knit column sc themselves further not provyazyvaem reserve on the hook another post with
  • 01:03: and two sc combine all three loops together here this element should 5 will air 2 sc in the loop hook vyvyazyvayut still such the line of elements have has 55 rings anti and 3
  • 01:40: provyazyvaem all 3 loops together do five air 3 4 2 nakida hooked but in general if you You can knit without
  • 02:17: my videos, I do watch tripod bad set held here such Here are the elements we must be 5 ring provyazat 3 column two sc united by one and loops therebetween 5 stitches and here such here 5 all elements following a series of already put over is installed in of us and we will Knit 2 rows of themselves 2 row we were binding here here
  • 02:50: So we should happen to you 5 petals We climb to 3 aerial loops and we develop our work and we have to Now here Presents We will be linked to two sc 3 column one common vertex 23 connect therebetween 3 aerial loops and more
  • 03:22: again here the same provyazyvaem 3 column one sc two sc simplify and common vertex combine five air two three four five and pattern repeats attacks on girls like the remaining three we
  • 03:52: You need to contact you exactly the same two element therebetween 3 air number of loops Knit another column two when sc He said as a last resort petelechku order that we have exactly here we climb here we finish the same for all it was rovnenko We climb to 3 air hinges we develop our
  • 04:22: work and provyazyvaem I agree with you completely there as we provyazyvali to this same elements only here stealth between elements not 9 stitches and 13 and so provyazyvaem fully to the whole series end and do here a column that I not happen again PM needs a column just memorize time leave less and repetition is not my veil like a parrot to I sit straight one and the same you probably already own
  • 04:53: that bothers here we memorize up to 3 here another control Knit in the extreme loop all general 3 fastened inside and start up to impose in each pair We start vyvyazyvayut since you called next row starting the same or you know how to knit instead of 13 knit 15 between the two elements
  • 05:26: about 15 stitches and another following Twenty-seven loops between our components you do will last our gap chains on will also figure in the Generally we are now knit 15 break and the next row 27 of air between machines when we finish knitting, I'll show you when to oblige you have finished vyvyazyvayut
  • 05:57: end chains are now we each seredinku this chain will provyazyvat our drawing so have we It will be a number of hours will be count the rows to It assists you in then video flip or velop ago and here we have the first row and 2 3 4 5 6 6 rows Us you knit We pass on the seventh row he same drawing 1 2 3 and just start here a scourge to our will
  • 06:28: repeated throughout the perimeter of our shawls provyazyvaem it standard way 3 with two column sc and one common vertex 3 loops provyazyvaem between our so let's say a fox. leaf form directly george on Now we have put together
  • 07:04: you must go not how the chain is manner knit 12 Five stitches six seven eight nine ten 1112 2 delay on the hook nakida can be found the central loop but I see straight under the arches directly by center knit two-column sc 1 Air
  • 07:35: another post with two sc 1 Air and last column two sc so here we It was such here you can do this the only element between 1 air hinges knit again 12 mirror
  • 08:05: displaying four five six seven eight nine ten 1112 2 sc on the hook and here is our egg following we will be standard way provyazyvat but I think you get the idea how to knit this row on you provyazyvaete without me all likewise in front of you again,
  • 08:37: a chain and cause tie just just as we are now 12 air table two sc air bars Air one who thoughtlessly union D-12 and these are our rib knit like always reach how to connect the edge always launched our job number 8 knit cut off his
  • 09:07: the stove this route knit 12 air 10 September 12 2 sc on the hook now we are working with then our timut trident so to say here reality petelechka straight we petelechku provyazyvaem 2 column two
  • 09:37: sc 2 Air 2 at 2 nakida hook the following loop there's where we did you three columns 20 two here in sc the third girl
  • 10:07: oh let's say in second column 2 nakida provyazyvaem two, too column two 2 and air nakida Now here's the last this too petelechku two columns with it wakes me 2 sc You can have Knitting with 3 sc or one sc If you keep the same with
  • 10:39: two and then you It will be easier to me listen here and so have we turned polyazhem again 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 February nakida on hook and cling to our River provyazyvaem it standard way It shows her alive this flour to knead
  • 11:09: the video then we We continue the same most dovyazyvaem up the edges cut into hell but it is our habits we also knit here with two columns two sc Do air and 12 here here air coming loop so provyazyvaem news row 9 10 air recruit 8 9 10 2 nakida hooked and
  • 11:42: Now before this here this loop are the last column These loop chain last provyazyvaem 2 column two sc 1 and here is the second Now post with
  • 12:14: two sc provyazyvaem here here in the first loop previous column 2 two air air column one sc in next loop and a column with two
  • 12:44: sc with 2 column two nakida here under the arches two column two sc Now in this way 2 further air 1 column with a nakida the following loop previous column and the next column
  • 13:19: confused the next petelechku leading construction the door is now air mirror reflection to make you more convenient not to see always back you there were two column two sc under the arches is now knit here two column two sc and also first I tried by the learned Watch when a mirror not display
  • 13:49: it turned out that it is not too difficult and 1 column with 2 sc in We were the first to with this latest edge of the first of this 1 hand column here this morning petelechku then we will when the middle, from the it it we'll be with you Now we come 2 air and means one column
  • 14:21: the last will last journey and handle on subsides and two column two nakida here here here and this petelechku air provyazyvaem here one column with petelechku two and two sc column two sc But in this loop here here here here here you little hook
  • 14:51: and pushing the provyazyvaem 2 column two nakida all reason will be repeated then we now have was 10 aircraft two three four five six seven eight nine and ten join the our river further from We repeated all just come back back and watch while I remember we have 10 air
  • 15:21: 2 with two column sc before here two here last throw loop pile with two sc column 2 the air column-governmental sc column podarochki 2 column with two sc 2 air on the pillar two sc implementing bars and in the mirror all provyazyvaem with you in such a way to edge