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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends in gardeners and truck farmers I you invited herself polycarbonate I just have a secret I want with you share but even even maybe boast which ones you age me cling to the shrine if you look at how interior it's chicken to them already month of chicks weeks and like this, but if we look to the distant
  • 00:30: if we look at you in the riding breach we will see the turkeys of those the very turkeys I was given a new year daughter with my son-in-law it was beautiful a gift but to my grieving turkey sat on the eggs eggs in this greenhouse despite that on the street snowdrifts and snow on merged and you did not followed me 14 steps see how they are
  • 01:00: already a proud garden and the tails warmed nicely wanted to say this just simply it's interesting watch and observe when the evening comes evening and when turkeys sit down and start under themselves they collect do not understand who it is tub of the chicken they their own wings and all those warm look look what beautiful in the same indicator that we want
  • 01:30: say many they say turkeys are very there is an expression of Creole Yes they are the 8th you again still feeding more once feeding no cashless booths potatoes nothing when I have only hatched turkeys I fed them with cottage cheese only hard gave yard and then somewhere days through three streams let's green everything and dry dry feed so they are at my house in
  • 02:01: you sat in a box do not represent probably sat four weeks and home oh what to do they have little short what should I do my husband said second and much to whom am I lying, where is this? how can I carry it like that they will accept them Hindus because they are the same already an adult you know what my was wondering mom with there is a mother she took all the turkeys and I want to tell you I Round Andy Hat kakala it nursed
  • 02:31: and nothing it turns out frustration they get sick nose dies and the girl is all fine and if see books shots and the chickens that they eat again they see strictly mixed feed crushed feed in the circle crushed wheat so I want you say a little bit no boiled muffler persons you write on and buy not to cling to
  • 03:02: the dog we bought 30 there are almost not two are all errors on the Internet many write write let's boiled luxor but not give on birds on poultry house expensive friends do not give either boiled eggs and nikash and they are all right and no to holding so I you want to say dry and once again such a thing to again these here hangs nipple drinker already if you look far away is simply
  • 03:32: trimmed 5-liter cans such drinkers are that they are not afraid already we will not drown with you Well Well and that's all the same you see again that's all kinds of every possible feeders and see if the dish is a brooder I still have it there burns a light bulb lit a light and during the day and at night heater we now this morning red glass we exclude even the night and heat and how
  • 04:02: comfortable if you have Watch attentively Inside we done as they grown up and we did they go in there and cardboard and brooders have already taken because he does not have anything on the floor we have a cell I you want to say next my dear good fortune after all was to grow Andy's chicken
  • 04:33: this feeding it feed forage this feed the sun then in further we turn to chicken compound feed bird have A bird and we should all the same with you take such a decision nothing boiled nothing to give potatoes to these cleanings give non-network is better under currant put there will be more currants and currants loves and this is well Well such a small
  • 05:05: excursion and I in general then the rule with you again in its kindergarten is my offspring these are my little ones little kids chickens therefore let's be attentive let's watch give watch out for temperature when they have you baby sit in shock and not 22 degrees and 37 should to be well at this I finish my reportage before new meetings good healthy to you
  • 05:35: birds and good luck to grow to goodbye to you was Julia does not need me whether the garden is in the garden