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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners here we have a and you came a enough trembling all the time I ask the question July but when the plant tomatoes bustling Well show how to plant tomatoes here I want you come and say the very moment in what time I plant tomatoes I start them to plant 1 in March and, in principle, you can even plant very but you must first to decide where you will have tomatoes grow if the open
  • 00:30: ground plant them a little later if you will to grow in a greenhouse plant little a bit earlier Chip's why I love planting tomato, even in end of March because they have I ascend and It requires picks already I need a pick, their raspikirovat panels put its fruit boxes I wear in polycarbonate greenhouses where additionally I cover Covering light material the most subtle and so they I have there, I grow you want to say
  • 01:01: seedlings are much better one that we plant It began about a month his first of March but This is such a a little bit deviations yes I will I want to say many put even February tomatoes well, not in a hurry do not rush to the landing I understand that the seedling you want everything fast fast but So you know this Russian proverb haste is needed at catching fleas can be this course and rough but sometimes it sounds Now we have our concerns gardeners we hurry hurry then we
  • 01:32: freeze anything goes the blackleg very let us not you hurry, I want you to tell but just great Thank you your password give such advice and You know for me it presses pretty so new that even with these I like years, I want you even share because I think there so successful very successful advice which Basically a person gives from the heart proven tips which he
  • 02:03: enjoy some he read in Internet just and in passing them he uses it his practice here I want to tell you you look at me Here is such a hands album you say will now be show pictures no you do not guessed is that I sent here is a message saying that I had suffered from glue shaft in general bags of seed not to forget that I planted and I was told that there a very simple
  • 02:34: method and very convenient need acquire photos and see what I really do I acquired here is a photo album but look here we just point out then you year here is inserted in the paper the office of the cap seeds you can at any time get read about it grade do any conclusions successful washing the there we take famous for such pocket now I to show you here is my Please we have take with you here
  • 03:04: pocket for us and quite simply here so we insert our seed look on bags look how comfortable it all aesthetically pleasing and it all as if kept in Generally all this Well it is convenient here in such a small you and me deviation but now we are that We shall now proceed with planting your tomatoes most so pretty Still, I formed the main I do I do again I take our support you
  • 03:34: look carefully taking toilet paper paper, it is desirable take a two-layer or sandwich than more layers of the that is, it is better there is also two and three Layer 1 buys layer and now look carefully here in my but I'm a little jar poured water well, here I am and so left and the floor quart jar full water and ships literally I dig two or three drops and a pin for what to to still have Now the problem with
  • 04:05: seeds sometimes sell old seeds and they do not germinate so to it safe let February 3 droplets and pin or zircon, we after all that's on the floor liter cans window view I carefully then do I take that's it, I I use here such pears it is very convenient I look like this neat neat urine our toilet paper That's how the seeds I will not put
  • 04:35: because they are my I have planted you I show them and start on Out of the corner here and so lay see that's so on edge I I begin to lay by centimeter seed laid spread out a bit so the most important thing is not begin immediately by the edge spread because that turns out not very well need to even if in vain do so here two three turns later we begin decompose like this you seminar
  • 05:05: spread rolled roll up is not very tight like this enough free again wet carefully Pear water rash us again spread seeds here so spread out We rolled up to the end of the names have been planted in us with you on the cochlea actually rezinochku with you not to snail disclosed and
  • 05:35: We put on like this with the shaft of the pack top and put somewhere well anywhere you can have them put in a warm a place that is in the eating gum left that can have a cup of sugar or but any capacity and remove with you somewhere on a shelf in the cabinet 2, they will be with you just do not this way we are it We like that with snail you soaked tomato seeds for their further
  • 06:05: sprouting here Now look These carefully Now I tomatoes online the same they stood on the shelf So I planted look attentively literally took it somewhere for three days I have them planted and if the expected You see already appear tomatoes tabs here So you see there tomatoes tabs here look carefully here is eat tomatoes begin
  • 06:35: germinate see what we we do next you do not expect that the moment when the tomato rise up and be like these ones pretty high You do not have to I want to pay focus here is look I fix I bought you a price I showed here are Markers are not markers these records so I cut out the name tomato because there eat from facial name tomatoes from wrong on one side I
  • 07:05: cut out look attentively and narrow scotch tape I paste here on this here is this marker that is what he he is not convenient water and smeared Subsequently we have it can even stick in the garden and Know Affairs planted some tomatoes but Well here you see there we the first eyelet Now look at us appeared first loops that we We must now make without waiting for when We grow with you
  • 07:36: our tomatoes climb high see what I to do if a closer look look they carefully good hatch in Take us there they wet paper even with them Appin very very good hatch now we have will be like this with you the entire area is not fear even if you fall asleep These rostochku nothing okay there from will break
  • 08:06: This is not afraid afraid that we covered with earth's so we take a see loose earth that they I want to say about ground I have no land disinfect it humus and earth with normal with the usual I'm just a bed you you know that's a a comment one man wrote that you do it was difficult to prepare the ground and to ask her to the floor I want to tell you this not even the shelves
  • 08:36: it's just humus and personal if that's okay which then can be straw caught it absolutely not scary and see what I I continue to do again I start like this roll snail I look back like this time look look through and Pina went literally all the seeds no seed who would not hatched although
  • 09:06: Then I planted the seeds and without a pin soaked toilet paper Byzantium did not result and here it was the three the day I was not straight literally jumped these seeds that's how we we fall asleep fall asleep go to sleep here this our snail and continue and deploy like this Well look what beauty look but both went seeds it is a miracle and it We start like this fall asleep
  • 09:36: her fall asleep with you to end of our snail with our workshops there snail on our with you rolled remember even from above like this Enrich fill our land again I say you do not worry if you think that you rostochku sprinkle ground nothing wrong with you You see all rostochku problems straight literally a day after two it's okay and I want you say it again like
  • 10:07: not my notion of me simply again wrote in a review in general wrote that such information one woman friend of friend I worked before greenhouses and what they did, they seedlings put poured into the box on the the bottom of the chips, you know, I I tried this version of it for me just I suggest opening Today the woman stipulate low
  • 10:37: huge bows Thank you than this lady but we We take this way with you You see I fell asleep tomatoes put on ie sawdust shavings again provide heat they keep well moisture and in general that plant feels very good and their or it is necessary to pour proteins are not watered necessary because currently a then when we We watered the seedlings We will be watered with you not pan in snails shod water it on top of that is,
  • 11:08: excess moisture will soak sawdust and watered us have often because that the filings will be this Moisture then give plants Well I again I stick our marker like that our well here we are with you our seeds in the cochlea not covered with earth forget to to plug holes what sort of still Tomatoes are planted how did I birochki You already showed so here the inscription I cut out one
  • 11:38: hand on the barrel tape tighten narrow and here and so all were sticking then what do we do we take the package trash I, in general, asked the question how such a You pull the package because he does not miss light well, in general, and not need to how long to light here and attracted Generally we need the most important thing to 6 with your seminar We started giving rostochku again the most
  • 12:08: the main condition is not Pour not pour because enough of the water that was in us well to moisten dressing in mind and select it all in general that our snail remove somewhere warm place to quickly seeds hatch how will multiple tabs can be opened Our package with you and leave already bright spot on windowsill somewhere on windowsill Well
  • 12:38: perhaps, and everything in it I finish my a report on the machines on their correctly and in general, pretty well you can put up Goodbye to the new meeting with you was Yulia me it yet