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  • 00:00: skirt of velvet in this season it is especially actually luxurious and warm sew a pair of hours style skirt simple polusolntsa waist emphasize belt Length will be the as a practical midi They are worn in the 60 years of our mother and grandmother choose fabric royal silk it should be velvet only two meters I I offer to take soft quilted on thin padding polyester I velvet saturated cherry lining and do viscose jacquard
  • 00:30: she is searching and processing hem skirt it all skin flap suitable for color add up velvet face inside and shoot only one yardstick waist cut a deal skirt five minutes in the corner a quarter note waist measurements and smooth conduct line from this line lay off 80 cm is the length our skirts and draw on done here is the first half cut it
  • 01:00: taking into account allowances for side seams and a second edge half cut. Viscose do the lining of 2 parts also sew the side seams on the skirt 20 leaves centimeters to one hand to clasp sew zipper We collect details
  • 01:33: linings combine Both the skirt and shear Now I am crying from Mays This strip of skin equal length measurements waist plus 7 cm but the request to buckle strengthen its interlining and fastened to the waist We treat hem
  • 02:07: leather edging new thing can try to narrow this pullover set for each day slug blouse on holiday By the way all the beauty It costs 1800 rubles Olga and I nikishicheva rarely first teeth channel