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  • 00:00: Hello Today we prepare pilaf with chicken pilaf with chicken prepared all areas of Uzbekistan all the year round half chicken weights kilograms divided by portions weighing 100 150 grams different ways Cut the chicken you find on our Online videoculinary.ru or in Russian videokulinaria.ru in between
  • 00:31: cooking section Tricks at this prescription use chicken legs cut in half prepared pieces chicken liberally sprinkle with salt, we required about 40 grams of salt put the chicken in a sealed container for 3 hour in a refrigerator half a kilogram wash rice repeatedly cold water add 40 grams salt and pour in the rice and a half liters of hot
  • 01:00: water 250 grams of onion clean wash and chop semicircles a kilo of carrots clean and my cut into strips thickness about 4 millimeter on our Online videoculinary.ru or in Russian videokulinaria.ru section cooking Tricks
  • 01:30: You will find 4 ways slicing an onion and ways of slicing other vegetables Kazan and well Warms 450 grams vegetable oil fry up ruddy prepared onions chicken and my obsushivayut cloth add into the cauldron hand and fry in high heat until ruddy adding prepared carrot fry up
  • 02:00: add softness one and a half teaspoons turmeric 3 teaspoons cumin and a half teaspoonfuls teaspoon ground seeds cilantro one teaspoon black ground pepper and two teaspoons of salt and admix here add half liters of cold water
  • 02:30: bring to a boil and cook zirvak no lid on small fire at constant low boiling about 30 min after 30 min add to zirvak one and a half teaspoons sugar we filter rice and gently spread evenly layer in the cauldron
  • 03:04: increase heat to high and We evaporate the water We collect rice from the edges by mid-evaporated water formed around the edges
  • 03:41: collecting sheet pile vent wooden stick to the dregs liquid evaporated 1
  • 04:05: Cover the kettle towel and cover cook on a small fire of 30-40 meters 30-40 minutes open the lid carefully pilaf mix spread on a dish and serve We serve with chicken leg salad shakarob shakarob salad recipe
  • 04:31: or you really here on our Online videoculinary.ru or in Russian videoculinary.ru section salads inspiration luck delicious pilaf and Bon Appetit