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  • 00:05: Hello I name is Lydia Sapronova We offer you master class in such a wonderful elegant rim for us We need such materials Getting Started based sew swarovski crystal this crystal ointment name to view it
  • 00:30: 7 size 15 I we millimeters Also in the frame as a basis, I use felt it I have already identified center line and will sew double strand lights line not to do extra stitches I crystal is located exactly in the center, and that's here he has opening for sewing very comfortable and sew
  • 01:00: With exactly center since the double-down and is firmly 1 stitch will important enough sew exactly center is now
  • 01:33: We sew Soton swarovski 4 millimeters in They also have four holes we sew adhering to this line so that's manner rods sewn Now experience pearls swarovski 3 millimeters among their rods placed exactly 2
  • 02:01: We will sew on one scored one pearl backing a distance equal to the pearl about midway between photons further deduce thread before pearls so I pass through it another hip
  • 02:30: pearls and sew so to firmly I drive the children to sew back pass chu Zhinkov I pass through the new sew
  • 03:02: just sew 2 pearls between other rods Crystal-looking sheathed so beautiful even if rods and pearls swarovski Now and compress the well it does not let Miranda lime sew one noise back even a needle time will show how it We are taking a bead retreat that is equal to the distance
  • 03:31: the width of the bead we derive the needle in front of the bead like this pass through it tightens recruit one more We are doing the same thing in During the front of this before This beads pass
  • 04:03: through it same sheathe around the beads roundels and sewn Now we will experience all rivoli swarovski to the base placing them on central line it needs to find mosaic weave barf 14 millimeters To do this, we collect 3 part Delica beads
  • 04:30: 11 size before 6 beads bereke recruited from developing knot it to be comfortable as possible here so Now put in the memory because the finger and take more time So pull
  • 05:04: left tail about 10 to 15 meters We are entering a needle the next without twinks from the node and begin weave mosaic weaving a through one bead recruit one enter the bead 1 through like this
  • 05:30: tightens choose one enter the bead through one so a propletaem series ending this enter the number bead That's how the next bead but as you climbed the next row and Now weave
  • 06:00: the next 2 rows beads size 15 and 1 bead through one and tightens at the same time weaving due to the fact that he smaller It takes place tie so weave 2 rows Now it so happened We derive thread through
  • 06:31: adjacent beads in last number here here take regularization insert here so Here's the reverse side of the face We put regularization pressed and holding hand weave 2 more
  • 07:01: a number beads size 15 while trying to a strong pull bead chorizo Further, regulation braided Now we sew them to based positioning exactly in the center departing from this
  • 07:30: beads 12 mm to then sheathe it in with beads this size We sew so is centered and catching the most the extreme beads have beads last row We sew to the base
  • 08:00: like this tightens We check the runes is insert the needle again we catch bead last row and sew
  • 08:30: Now beads after a series and sew with the tail act so we put it in corner We go through and adjacent beads tied up on the wrong side universities are now sheathe Reef or circle Czech beads tenth the size of This inserts a needle into face recruit two
  • 09:00: beads retreat distance equal to these two beads Insert the needle between them in the face so We go through last gum tightens
  • 09:34: again recruit 2 retreat distance equal in the dark bead before introducing the needle last bead We pass through it like this
  • 10:02: is sheathed in a circle Now sew zhetonchiki right here at little corner over here, I here so here they are We become beautiful here we sew tokens and sheathes around Czech beads tenth the size of and back seams needle glue cabochons lapis lazuli to basis for taking this Clay time Crystal
  • 10:30: clear in our mind on cabochon I am not afraid to put a lot of the excess can be easily remove paper or or toothpick the extreme left beads 2 millimeters I put exactly I cuddle and give
  • 11:00: dry cabochon I have one perekleit braided mosaic weaving for this first embroider the basic number same as the seam embroidered around the rivoli Now draw your note that number of beads in the base row must be even base number sewn criss-crossing cabochon recruit 1 bead and enter the through one bead
  • 11:37: Again choose one then through one it turns out it is through one That principle mosaic weaving after this series you need to braid
  • 12:00: size or beads 15 simply tag two rows of pulling at this should turn out like this Now entwine Further, regulation 12 millimeters and how to acquire a 14 rivoli millimeters here this 100 rival difference that the number base beads in round must be 32 ie thirty-two I do not have beads Scourge
  • 12:30: 1 rivoli already sewn and above the surrounding Czech beads from this size rivoli sew need and departing from the hence 2mm in order to be It was then sheathe around possess exactly middle and sew clinging to
  • 13:02: for the last beads that is, both walls of the last a number quite as sewed rivoli 14 millimeters after what embroider around Czech beads tenth the size of Rivoli swarovski 12 millimeters sewn I embroidered around beads tenth
  • 13:30: size Czech then beads sew beads Randy, I completely as well as sewn them around crystal swarovski it there is one and We repeat this line Czech beads 10 size on the other hand to do also so it looks like embroidery at this stage beads sewn wounds duel on both sides Czech circuit myshyd
  • 14:00: beads tenth the size of I also embroidered outline central element here here I want to note that this how we will stick our embroidery to the base here in this way and embroidery bends that is, a semi-circle it does not lie flat formed formed small Now these voids places now I show
  • 14:33: here here here here near the central element formed small completely void their small I filled with beads 15 a size that is very small beads it's great to placed while embroidery It looks much be careful we will continue
  • 15:00: stick cabochons lapis lazuli and smaller here in this way glue give the dry and We gain their mosaic weaving as well as acquire a mosaic weaving to the grand jury only more I want to note the size of that since cabochon moderate to large Jury low then you it took mosaic weaving only 12 zveryata cylindrical Beads case to 22 and number of tag beads
  • 15:31: this tag Silver I as well as all the elements sheathed short outline next Czech beads from this size is now Embroidery is ready and we Getting carving you I love my scissors They are tailor why such a big but very very sharp sharp scissors I'm fine cut
  • 16:01: even excellent I cope with any angles and the matter stepping around millimeter of beads and so gently embroidery cut Now we need to and seal paper for this I obvozhu contour cuts paper to 2 millimeter less
  • 16:31: than while she embroidery The sizing on the show adhesive and sealing embroidery dries here so it is glued Now let us turn to rim I have such a framework its width to rim 5 very millimeters interesting and beautiful foundations and take the tape measure or you You can know exactly today diameter rim but I measured and I 36 centimeters and so it accurately measure
  • 17:01: I tape 36 centimeters and our task is to put a note in the middle here so here I am 18 meters and marks the center yet reserve prepared piece Skin that's because it would gray leather
  • 17:30: a piece of skin 20 four centimeters I took a centimeter reserve put seredinku here I Center and since embroidery 17 half 17 centimeters half 18 meters I He measured out from the center 7 centimeters is has a half later
  • 18:00: explain why below I draw the line I have measured out to 7 cm from the center like that I outlined here and 70 m here like this 7 centimeters I outlined here on Center found here that is, I have four centimeter is our Center here Center
  • 18:34: then add up in two and because the width rim 5 millimeters We are doing so cut 4 and a half width a little bit of a millimeter not four and a half millimeter this way a notch serifs are now ready we will embed bezel as
  • 19:01: We are taking his dog and so here it insert and the challenge to combine Centre on the skin and in the center rim ND That's how we need combine these centers
  • 19:33: but first you need glue base take the glue and liberally grease glue We combine the center and
  • 20:00: and glue overturn center the and remove the remains of 3 always eat cause carried glue on embroidery and aligning the center and
  • 20:30: glue glue center the strong presses Push the hold it and let dry all dried up a peg cut away excess skin I want to pay note that this hand we bezel gritty ie
  • 21:01: we attach the skin Here the underside of the skin here is to that when contact with Hair does not ring orzal and sat well cut away excess skin so now it looks our border proceed with
  • 21:30: finishing noise I use a thread in Orlando 2 addition so how I really thin Insert the needle skin between the substrate and the skin so will we hide nodule It did not take long to make smaller knots
  • 22:02: then we go through a needle through two layers of the same place where were so throw loop and Now pull the corner So we hid the knot further recruit one bead I I am using Czech Beads here such beautiful color under the color of our crystal retreat distance equal to the width of the
  • 22:30: conversations and insert the needle into the pulling two layers leaving the bead on the left and make a small loops that there leaving the prize I pass the needle into the loop like this I pull together and work up
  • 23:02: but one bead retreat I pierce two layers do so here left reserve loop and input tightens
  • 23:32: that's a huge beads fall sheathes so the circle ring ready what it thousands ugly and brilliant turned But his wrong side, I I wish you creative success and inspiration do and be happy thanks that were with me and until we meet again master class