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  • 00:00: Today I use amazing properties of plastic I decorate bottles here in this jar I have a jar mustard and I decorated if it can be seen here here is the lepestochek here in such lepestochek you this decoration made using plastic bottle and so I it clean jar dry washed I one side at
  • 00:31: help double-sided adhesive tape pasted here and on this picture this aspect is already together so please here it is pasted cut pictures this is a a motor and a dragonfly or with a motor wings and give second side of the well, Varnish it can be Cheburashka stick them I know better than to glue he glue price snowdrops like this Now here we began to take
  • 01:01: double-sided tape that's a two-way Scotch tape is and now I I impose this recession snowfields his rule I posted a video saying at exactly the right we will be so probably so that I to do more more I have a pot of water plain water plain pan I brought water to Boiling took here such plastic bottle of water
  • 01:32: Now that I'm an inch cut off the way I I saw on the site Internet here and It referred to as It called amazing properties promise bottles, I do not know if I can I I will try then this is the first method under the first way I I've tried so started down this bottle and that Now I shoot already plastic bottle But in this boiling water
  • 02:02: little by little and now should turn focus on something I quietly seething hemlock let I should get on the bottle should cover the jar which is in the middle with the ability to sawing hinge arms I maybe I'll take that Consider this tool
  • 02:32: so do not really even nice today could show that there has not pinch no longer covered ha ha I get not worried and you get way better and how I would I saw it I liked and now I want to decorate all their jars oh well, not want that because I here, too, to the bottom of the bank the water had
  • 03:02: of harm and there was not here let's say it this report which had not said yes probably It needed to gain train weight there It was shown in there is also a filter bank giving there to help she educated children that but I do not all teach all tilting it so here is a jar with Generally all sides clear water boils water is boiling Here I do not work I know some method
  • 03:33: physically and chemically all this is but it turns out the general plastic bottle but I understand this thing that should be pan even higher then it will be easier and Now it is not necessary every bend side and it is necessary to but somehow lacked from above Note jar stand matter yesterday and I just inch of the hall I I cut I will tell you a secret because that do not have any higher pans to it and so it turned to c
  • 04:03: of the show You see that this is all a year covered again well I think I do I think I this one here is cut off neatly so well So I cut the top here and so dad daughter yes and the whole picture is there within Now even desirable bottom cut off and
  • 04:33: you can not cut off so I can leave I do not know where I I cut off the bottle this here I do not even know can be the answer though and you can leave I work bushes probably became ie and can be left in the Generally pattern applied secured with plastic bottles This is the first method a I'll be right back in next video I show a second way I myself I did not try generally we have done today
  • 05:03: way to give