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  • 00:00: Now we come to the the last six lesson we start with addition to what We stopped in Last time we glue has dried up and now we can here these here neat tips can be cut scissors if you good sharp shortage so powerful here pieces I specifically for this target has side cutters and face cutters some cases when at least case
  • 00:30: tube should be cut at the right angle it is more convenient end well, now they are the relationship goes on this fashion deep Nizami Well, so that's it a little bit drawn to the tip safely if a little affected assets
  • 01:00: husband sworn under clearance so it will not have any We caught between strips and various tick district Here we come before
  • 01:33: Here are our driven by their ponytails too neat similar progress that's all and now We will direct shine like going make mistakes take Lacquer show here so may e.g.
  • 02:06: look acrylic glossy varnish aqueous dispersion acrylic colorless you do not just brush cover I rented all our sequence scum-looking is my dry and will
  • 02:39: Bessie could often engine she live on Zenko roimsya to all and the gap between the lumen tubes get turn over until I Heston our not anointed can the outer part Only respected and
  • 03:23: chairs which still bottom of a dry Now hold on resource can to importance zolotishko outside check that it is still everything was plastered not to leave such places here are take
  • 03:58: familiar to you dostochku overlay film and put on it our product and let dry goods it It dries very quickly but I will come back to this truth literally Well, a few seconds It was not here some time the varnish It is not modeled as a circle it took less than an hour and this is the
  • 04:28: a wonderful time I advise you not to miss when over but I have not yet hardened david has not round in the moment of truth and very supple but How to forgive him can be shaped direct all if irregularities enough prana circular shape on it is necessary to improve You can do more thick bottomed puddle sock swinging yet to what paper round and so I think right now
  • 04:58: nailed harder and It is good and flat in product insert more resistant to you we have it easy way you should You can chat to forum admin his giving it the correct form put on the form on which you wove out it and the wall obmyat right on it and then at ploschat bedplate at the same time we We can fix everything chairs
  • 05:30: if they have wrong curved different gnarled them we can now just straighten out here these here are general, and we remove as their little can be deformed when you showed a Now you're talking about all my here we have a turned product Here it is final form I I hope that you do it
  • 06:00: It turned out not worse than I do well here too is over thank you to work for your attention all the best