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  • 00:00: Good day, we We got to the fifth lesson we have left Contents edge but first of all we Here it is necessary to hide these Here the vines ends we finished our products as we will to do one's tube, we will hide here first so here is my way of two Stitch in if
  • 00:30: adjacent racks Cropped spokes we put on it vine tip tube and smuggling in here It is the second end We do the same Only in the neighboring near the adjacent rack neighboring childhood Pull the film and it is us women and leave
  • 01:03: dry let it dry itself now we proceed edge design as the we will draw how close we take any stance I should be bought out we have not to mingled at the start confused, we take any rack and
  • 01:33: bend it and in the next and through a holding in this hole exactly as well with the help of needles Now as they be but rows and under admitted cut in the needle we put on the tip rack skip rack here you can drag then until the end of the edge
  • 02:03: Here is such a will I will show the level of the entire with the next rack they could do turissi it three stitches carry We put on the scales on it arching rack we put on it lead and is pulled up to the end and the region will be look like this like this well, you need it reception planning
  • 02:38: you can not for a third that's just such stitch Length steps because here such myths ie chairs not to bring not rack to hold out end until it stops put just such a Now let's loop do to me it seems this one scalloped decorate for 6 or you then we will not move neither in this direction and on the contrary here and so so loves to Ladoga bend rack
  • 03:10: conduct a needle three stitches we put on the tip Stand on the needle and nipples First you will are those of the ton different heights then is all you need to be trim I will show as further hold needle under three stitches and
  • 03:42: bend rack following killing ending the spoke with assistance collected, or the move The following three stitches needle rack do horse
  • 04:13: bend and put on on needle tip registration, and so on in a circle so I took circle left in my last I'm taking her small stands just all here it is the end of our work but not yet
  • 04:43: absolutely sure First conclusion I told you that their you need to align can relying on their the eyes are not aligned all of these fistulae to they were on the same height It can make it easier just here and so they all that abut the same height Well in this position can be here These here are their a little while
  • 05:13: crop to be It was on the bottom put our pot and they would not prevented not rested on 100 hours made cut off the Well, now that we doing this will not be the same so we have to keep
  • 05:44: all this should be you can paste prokapat glue needed dig here in the openings so where do you get them moisture-proof can the insurance still below where genius goes and where walking Japanese women can be easily these places neatly grab clothespins but it
  • 06:14: may optionally be make it even easier here I have construction adhesive pva it is very thick it Even a little spill little water as possible in the entire circumference of the right go here under brush $ 100 and goes and where part
  • 06:47: upeshsya come on wide to zatechet everything is fine grab here and when all come unstuck we all neatly is how close Pruning has returned show
  • 07:18: at the same time where we've got I left in the round point they also help more once we really dug Sudocrem once again podstrahuemsya and leave our dry goods drying is necessary for some time so we'll leave This next already last class start namely to close on
  • 07:50: next lesson if you want it of course it does not necessarily your desire to outwardly You want to add shine its products direct and figuratively stock up tabs it is best to ions on 1, it does not smell good washed servants basically suit any parquet lacquer for furniture then it will have to
  • 08:21: to make transfer outdoors you OK ventilated the room is I recommended by techniques well say goodbye with you to the next friend