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  • 00:00: hi it's Martha again I'm here today to talk to you about the arm knit hammock the toy hammock specifically I used five different types of yarn now the type of yarn that you can find on the label and it says acrylic wool or cotton you might have to turn it to the back but that's where you'll find it and it's important that you use the yarn that will be treated the same way when what I
  • 00:30: mean is the washing instructions you want to have all acrylic you don't want to have wool in with the acrylic because the washing instructions are different so here we go with the arm knitting hammock I cast on twelve stitches I used five different yarns and each of the five are counted as a stitch I used three bulky weight one sport weight and one either sport weight or worsted weight I used a shower curtain ring on
  • 01:02: either end to hold my stitches together here's the one end with the shower curtain ring here's the other that I'm going to place on the shower curtain ring so you're going to continue doing this until all your stitches are on the
  • 01:32: shower curtain rings once you have all the stitches on your shower curtain ring you're just going to close it and mine opens and closes sideways and now you're ready to go you
  • 02:03: can hang it anywhere that you like remember this was a toy hammock so just use your judgment how long you want to make it and what types of toys you're going to put in it give us your tips and ideas and submit them using hashtag leisure life thanks see you next time hi if you'd like to receive more free tips
  • 02:40: and videos just click bye you