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  • 00:00: Today I'll show you how to quickly and easily perform folds you saw on model and so for this we must first all cut out I spinochku spinochku cutting advance to not take time spinochka is cut by your size or customer size and
  • 00:31: so spinochka ready remove it to one side and proceed to reveal shelves for to uncover shelf we need take a rest fabric from cutting back and calculate and each fastener crease on crease we will go about one centimeter here so if we perform
  • 01:01: crease that this side of the floor centimeter, and this side 1 centimeter and so one fold we need one centimeter if 5 folds will mean you have to shelf add 5 if 7 centimeters mean seven but you do not cut out we start at the beginning prepare planochki if it is clasp performed bar and jam than all the folds only
  • 01:32: then we begin to reveal shelves so before our cloth to perform folds on the back side on the wrong side of you Made from metochku How long for some We have wrinkles will be there with us on model below breast crease so we draw a consciousness
  • 02:02: just hand pencil on her dash postponed contrast string to on the face it was evident to the public then we'll scribble crease and run clasp that is, the zipper strap so he 1 piece of cloth both of which we we will cut first of all with you Now for someone else's floor cm to to start
  • 02:33: perform the crease and before you pasted inside and scarves white fleece good quality and so we press out half centimeter pay attention to early half centimeter then we will decide like the width is planochka Zuka and dinner planochki Larochka say we will have three we centimeters college ruled everywhere three overlaid
  • 03:05: cm 3 centimeter and a stranger again one skiff then we have to pave the contrasting thread Centre products and can even better to do line and from here line here soon Now we define
  • 03:36: from the beginning of what will be width we began 1 the folds of the fold Lanka is not the center of the the primacy of either 8 let centimeters and we'll do 8 centimeters za stranger first vkladochku 8 centimeters from the fold strips like this here
  • 04:08: us from metochka contrasting thread we We will be scribbling on house up to this contrast otmetochki and how first lines vkladochku we It marked the beginning fasteners noted for ironing Now we will
  • 04:39: scribbling lines + the Internet iron button cut off all thread under the root It is not interrupted namely we cut off something we not to dissolve in
  • 05:09: not ideal. on without ironing This folds we Essentially now I will will show you how you can to dry we press out its completely all that's so angry strangers first crease
  • 05:42: Now we take note how many we need to be through how far make a second and the second fold fold we are We decided to do let one centimeter from here this handle 1 and Now we will do ZVUT too much contrasting strings the contrast green's inch that is,
  • 06:13: We measured tickers if we centimeter No one centimeter one centimeter More so we Now he spreads to do was one centimeter everywhere one centimeter all and laid back iron press it and again made line floor centimeter, and so all five pieces or 7
  • 06:44: how you decide do after as we scribbled over my crease and again 2 Do pause that is, We have goat ZVUT dinner and the third crease we too vymeryat tickers it's the sound of dinner fold, and so that's 5 times these folds we turned
  • 07:14: before us start city we need to be sure planochki this defer for planochki pave Centre the front blade is the center of the shelf all the folds we good press it Now my cues from the reverse side thread that She served us a note to let any scribbling and folds only after that proceed to reveal
  • 07:45: shelves and so spinochka we already upset and we puts a spinochku to the center So he center shelves to middle shelves a little lower because we have a length forehand to her waist sword shall observed to be a Tuck solution limit here and proceed to reveal
  • 08:17: let's say if we spinochka 40 centimeters and on shelf 45 means we reserve 45 centimeters long and we will build necks that is from center combine with shelves the center of the spin glasses and we cut out shoulder the seam then we'll do neckline
  • 08:51: allow for Reputation your personal others cut that's the way excised and neck made bevel shoulder as you can see I will not
  • 09:23: continue our then you need to be you to tuck to do away everything is on the wrong party either chalk or pencil lightly so you can see the bottom line is that if we in advance on the web We make ready-made planochki and finished at We will have wrinkles only if we
  • 09:53: carve out and we will all exactly symmetrically and All size is not then when you already will be Cutting you do folds and before how to cut out This was the essence to tell you how convenient to die Street hope you We realized from not understood then you need more
  • 10:24: just look at the video please refer to my rollers there you will find a very a lot of interesting things on the the next lesson, I I show you how done buckle gender quickly and easily, and so bye next meeting