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  • 00:00: Hello now I I show you how to Install tooling easiest to float rod and so take a fishing line climb up to me 014 take regular stopper using here are here I have I have a used and dress stop on the main
  • 00:40: fishing line dress first stopper there is Now we need I float float I take the one point mounting I float this I catch standing water around I unloaded with the help of Now this
  • 01:10: accessories ogruzki floats I have a load served with swivel clasp ted swivel who have I will act as subfolders the main burden and so we dress rotorseal fasteners which have we dress and the second stopper
  • 01:43: so we can see more end of the Now tie here this swivel that we will act as undershepherds will tie a knot floor more So
  • 02:30: do will be tying the knot and tipping it in our loop swivel both pla more to tie knot damp is on my video channel look carefully unnecessary cropped and now on the scaffold our we are now
  • 03:04: because our cargo cargo we somehow platypus payers press gently not to believe not damage our fishing line so hang weights that is, I advance weights when surrounded by all that's
  • 03:34: This all accessories here It was my way then Georgia and kryuchochek all I was to have you when I shipped it all that is included advance we all pear that they now we need to take take beforehand prepared povodochek
  • 04:04: Now I have with hooks and loop to loop dress him to rotorseal So Well here we
  • 04:35: It was such a snastochka sinker we hang here but as you can see here at me away Well that is the leash reply distance should be shorter than the distance from underherdsman to ground goods done in order that was not overlaps ie yes see you eat so Now straighten news that is it distance should be leash leash must be less
  • 05:06: what this is distance and so ready to such a installation is also suitable for we at catching on long casts on long casts too little friend I have a story such here on panties holding such pockets already in advance surrounded you see this is a little
  • 05:36: another story about I still you I will tell you that is You should have razevat all every calibrated atmosphere pomnik 100 I park here used such countries thin I have enough floats may be different for because with all the floats one point of attachment
  • 06:06: Well, in principle, so if the whole assembly fishing line we main 014 then lead us respectively should be approximately 0 12 or 010 10 ie fruits should always be thinner than the main fishing line Well, that's something like Thank you all look my video subscribe to my good luck with your channel