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  • 00:03: our program firm a leading manufacturer economic crisis for other people a good dear gardeners Now we will talk themselves machines come Alex's time planting dates are different in all sown yes terminal that is, you call them average
  • 00:30: its growth stunted for this I usually their families the truth in the beginning of March, the first number cars already the end of February will consider fact calendar Street I work, I do not hide do not work column solar calendar which Samara machine operation is preparing to Rosstat 65 70 days and no less Russia I too usually for several years
  • 01:03: seedlings deal Chuvashia Live Earth will create all the same width book these expenses another thing that the attempt to look here changed daughters sprinkled with sand this in order to still amazed black leg very purpose desirable aisle five centimeters instead of a plant all together City Hall daughters do with 27th place but we are with you
  • 01:30: he and the object area and it's not the one who scores the black not first become AvtoVAZ's bad but what you have there is still something cold both each other eats ill blackleg and here I did not have a black mask we must still sonntag yes when yet this time prevention live earth very good at their
  • 02:00: true leaf yet because he only just recovered during even Canela system the product should not be at the level of and this occurs after the system is up to death 30 years since the birth it means there what good neighbors groin Poland this is nothing This pattern such machines fewer they are sitting this time, no of course those who give birth
  • 02:31: less visit and generally receive sun-dried tomatoes that is when planting Soon quite warm end of May even one At the beginning of June suffer in the heat and if not tempered tomatoes when two of these we are always reducing the temperature sixteen obligatory Dubinin and then up to six at this time they are laying because there is always
  • 03:00: inflorescence obtained their lists are large tomatoes well I tied and I'll make sure the author sketch further blight but although usually in a hospital pour quart glass of milk offended People say pit stop and add the bank boiled actor to Firtash add two receipts of the year I every year it makes even two
  • 03:32: saddam times expensive water if you perform the most simple requirements to fight all children in Korosten which prevention sick and the poor temperature control greenhouse plants get sick there is no answer and gets a lot of red tomatoes and plays physiological requirements meeting our program
  • 04:00: firm a leading manufacturer economic crisis for other people more