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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone, dear friends want to show how are you going installation is very effective catch spinning I did not first perceived the stratum of us seriously but when began to catch it was pleasantly surprised surprised and even mildly said this lubricant and g curry and so take swivel buckle dress up Georgia weights doses would be pear-shaped shape or stick that load of which is easy and well overcomes obstacles dress him on
  • 00:30: clasp and take let's say a twister vibrotail the worm is there any our bait mounted on blanket hook it we also dress its that's all the guys our rigging for named g scream ready she can also equipped with let
  • 01:00: we also take our primanochku groovy the ring here dress up can I can and also clockwork we fix the ring the buckle that is here such an installation but I sort of decided everything make it easier and I do it like this second option because it's very so that it changes rapidly mobility that is so what? pluses of this equipment
  • 01:31: this is a quick installation as you saw good long-range casting that when cast all it's like this here, as it were cuddles in fact and all is well so good cross-country capability bait as I you I say you can use also what is such a weight with such goods good cross-country ability usual so well excellent free game baits such playing in my opinion it's here main plus jack
  • 02:01: the regatta is a bait see you all here walks very much this accessories can be used for both far there local there table of contents fencing the points so and for catching on areas that is well as usual but what else I can say yes about about vodka but with drawing the same y works generally excellent after falling snap on
  • 02:31: bottom slowly rotate handle coil well and more if you do small frames as if we give a bait additional game which is very very should like predator in principle rigging is very catchy guys to me really liked something how would mobility quick simplicity well that's basically short I think try learn and you say just one hundred percent
  • 03:02: all will like this again here we can put a string let's say the leash use so that the predator does not took a bite some use this swivel right direct resection swear a string or mascara itself braided cling but the same you find out for yourself Well, something like this guys thank you all watch my video subscribe to my channel good luck to you