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  • 00:00: hi I'm Lea and I'm a handcrafted lifestyle blogger at Lia Griffith calm today I'm going to show you how to make this Italian crepe paper gardenia I love gardenias they remind me of my mom and they smell so good but the sad thing about them is they start to turn brown really quick once you pick them so here's a great way to get around that by making it out of Italian crepe paper to make this flower I've made a template for you and you can find the link to download this template right below this
  • 00:32: video so go ahead and cut out your template and you can see we have 3 different petal shapes and 1/2 of a leaf the thing that's important on these templates is that there are these lines that say grain and what you want to do is make for sure and match that line to the direction of the lines which is the grain on this crepe paper so let's go ahead and cut out our petals I'm going to use the white crepe paper and I'll measure about the width of this petal and I'll go ahead and cut out a strip so
  • 01:03: the largest one needs 6 I'm going to cut the length of that 6 times this is the faster way to cut petals out I found and then the way I like to cut out petals that are even on both sides is I'll fold the crepe paper in half I'll place the point of each end or the center of the template right on the fold and then just in one cut I have a petal so I'm going
  • 01:34: to do that six times the thing that I love about Italian floral crepe paper is that it has a lot of folds in it which which makes the stretchability a lot more and that way you can get these beautiful shapes in your petals I can make some pretty flowers out of Kraft crepe paper as well but I have to tell you I love the Italian crepe paper there's the largest petal I have six cut and now I'm going to cut the second
  • 02:05: petal and it looks like I need seven there are seven medium sized petals and I'll go ahead and cut the smallest okay here's five petals I'm going to cut the leaf now and as you'll notice on the pattern there's a grain line but it's at an angle about 45 degrees so now I'm going to cut it at an angle 45 degrees so then I'm going to turn this flip this around so that the grain is going the same direction I can actually cut this
  • 02:35: off and I'll place my leaf over the top again the grain lines going the same direction so once I have those cut and I open them up you can see how we have the grain lines going up like you would see the veins of a leaf and I'll show you how to put that together later we're going to put together the flower and I'm going to start with this 18 gauge floral wire and this is pretty long so I'm going to go ahead and trim it I don't know maybe 10 inches I think that's
  • 03:06: enough and I'll take the tip I'm going to just fold it down about a half of an inch now I'm going to take the smallest of the petals and just pull out the center and not very much I don't want to pull out the edge I don't want to stretch it out there because then it will get really flat I'm going to do that on all five pieces here another thing you can do when you pull out the center is use your index fingers to sort of curve the top down just a little bit we'll take the wire I'm going to add
  • 03:37: just a little bit of glue to the first petal and I'm going to place that folded wire right in the center what I want to do is kind of create this inside bud so I'm going to wrap this around so it almost you know it creates this sort of spiral effect now I'm not going to glue this quite yet because I'm actually going to spiral another petal inside of there another bit of glue on the second petal and I'm actually going to place this one a little bit inside the first one and then spiral it again I don't
  • 04:07: want to glue this yet because we're going to add another petal and you can see how this is starting to look like a gardenia I'm going to do that with the last two of the center petals the smallest petals just tuck them inside and then wrap them around and there we have the center of giardiniera I'm ready for our second pedal this one I have seven and I'm going to do the same technique and I'm going to do that to all seven petals all right our seven petals are curled and we're going to add this to our Center so I'm just going to keep spiraling around
  • 04:41: the center sometimes I like to look at the face so I can see what's going on and then other times I'll kind of work from the back okay there are the seven petals added to the center and our flowers starting to bloom I'm going to push the pedals back just a little bit just to open it up and then just put the tip of my fingers I might curve some of these tips in towards the bloom okay now
  • 05:11: we're ready for our last set of pills same thing it's usually on the outer petals that the gardenia kind of takes off and goes a little crazy because sometimes the petals will go in sometimes they'll go out right now we're going to just glue them on and then you can go back and adjust it as you want them we're going to do the same thing so this is where we can have a little bit of fun we can you know go in there and maybe stretch out one side of the petal to make it that direction I think this is what makes it look like a gardenia
  • 05:42: the outer petals and then the inner spiral and there's your gardenia at this point I'm going to go ahead and cover the wire with this green floral tape and I've chosen a really dark green floral tape because it will match the leaves and if you look at a gardenia plant their leaves are very dark I'm just going to place the tape right at the base of the flower and I'm going to stretch it a little bit as I twist that around just a couple times and then you know pull this to an angle and twist and turn right down to the wire
  • 06:13: this gardenia I'm going to put it into a bouquet of flowers so I want it to have a longer stem sometimes I'll cut it short and make it more of a brooch or something that I put on top of a gift package the gardenia is done and now I'm going to make the leaves I have them laid out exactly the way I'm going to finish him and what I'm going to do is just like a really thin bead of hot glue and then quickly we're going to add the other one face to face like this you want to do this quick and then I'm going
  • 06:44: to open up the leaf this looks like a really firming to house the veins it has the the center the tip right there I'm going to go ahead and just trim that off so there's one and do the same thing to the other and there we have our two leaves alright I'm going to take another floral wire this time I'm not going to fold it down I'm going to add just a little bit of glue right on the end of one I'm going to place it at an angle and then place this leaf right on the top that way I'm hiding the wire between
  • 07:14: the two leaves I'm going to place the leaves behind the gardenia and this is obviously too long so I'm going to go ahead and trim that off to match I'm going to bend my leaves back so that I can tuck them right behind the flower and then I'll go ahead and apply the floral tape onto the stem as well put those together and then I'll finish wrapping all the way down tear that off and there's my finished gardenia these
  • 07:44: gardenias are on a longer stem which is perfect to add into a bouquet of crepe paper roses or peonies it will be gorgeous this one I made a short stamp and you can use it as a brooch or corsage for a wedding and you can add it on top of a gift as a beautiful topper you