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"назад иголку" seam; - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: we look at the seam called back to them the race the index flows as seen in my embroidery parts of the picture I have already worked out the branches of shock performed for Underline the outline on the guitar selection read reasonable someone will be and drawing oao is sealed this seam or noise by this method, or just inside out and respect point Vote the communication system with this
  • 00:32: do not need to attach just yesterday and fixing you simply follow this is an ordinary seam which is carried out with the Ministry of Justice cabinet I will simply fix the following the next stitch to court costs and I have albert In this case I need to make a direct
  • 01:04: line in fact, the fears of the year dollars and this kristi quarter so I in addition to the devil in a week kristi as so that when you return back I got a smooth see here but but costs
  • 01:39: here, fixing the wrong side in May keep on poring simplicity m as it is written in the scheme so we get girl So Here I have reached the cross to which I have n for
  • 02:09: quality is that a straight line respectively I the next cyp of the next verse I try to do it in the previous little push to not look more even and do not try to do evenly with riots. wants to a thread not a professor will say all this prohibition also return through a week from heavy in the end I get exactly
  • 02:40: Test less, and it is equally smooth and if the price and if you look from the wrong side pretty, too, it turns out rub in providing the deputy with distortions need to perform but the shelf so to drain