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We were just angered! Russia resumes production of the strategic Tu-160 bomber. - YouTube  See details »

Хотелось бы верить, что не весь наш сомолетостороительный потенцеал канул в "лето"



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  • 00:11: in Russia will resume full-scale production of supersonic strategic bombers Tu-160 White Swan such a problem today has put the Minister Defense Sergei Shoigu this unique car is considered to be best supersonic class at one time ahead of competitors in terms of technical opportunities for several decades
  • 00:31: ahead of Kazan where they will not collect unmatched Strategic supersonic missile Stanislav Nazarov its first flight after the birth of a new scale he performs under the modernization cheering workers and engineers 1 of 12 Tu-22m after complete 3 re sent to the airfield DC-based city Olenegorsk on the steps of the Kazan aircraft plant the legendary white swan in the largest
  • 01:02: world supersonic heavy strategic bomber Tu-160 engineers install the latest navigation and avionics equipment the aircraft will now be virtually and potential immune systems the enemy can see only remains as it was as the development of the old filling was all completely completely changed to a new detail and modernize kept secret flight characteristics variable wing geometry distance flight engine and fuselage will remain plane can be changes in the
  • 01:32: air for 24 hours and carry 45 tons of combat arms in the rest of this brand new aircraft will replace the full exposed to all the indoor units Electronic leg system and Radiopribor already outdated and has already put a new revolving pain Now a new generation of improved as for weapons and a new type of aircraft and strategic missile group Tu-160 Aviation Russian nuclear shield so to
  • 02:02: it does have a special relationship Each of the white swan has a name car named after the legendary Soviet designers pilots heroes Union Kazan aviation plant shop continuing the construction and deep aircraft modernization strategy aircraft Tu-160 and Tu-22M three of these machines in the Russian Army will go already this year, at a closed meeting Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu avi to builders set the task
  • 02:30: develop measures for the resumption of serial production of missile in Kazan ordering we did a lot of It operates a plant 3 shifts not even have to come to 3 to keep pace Run Run delivered volume the Russian army is now 16 Tu-160 are built in the capital of Tatarstan start serial production of heavy bomber will greatly increase the territory of the Russian patrol range aviation
  • 03:03: white swan can rise to the height 18 thousand meters, and can fall to 50 Another important feature when missile gaining speed it changes the wing configuration, and it acquires the form of arrows [applause] [music] it is difficult to bring down because of the technique which is packed with aircraft pilots us
  • 03:30: told that recently they exercise even cheated ground missile C-300 thanks to electronic filling aircraft and non-standard Pilots decision now you see unique frames support NATO fighters our Tu-160 somewhere over the north Atlantic's pilot NATO fighter greeting and waving A few minutes later our white Swan at supersonic speed and takes will go into the lead from the Fighter [music]
  • 04:07: show the work of our military missile carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS optically so we can not be made computer graphics that shows how to use the long-range aircraft can be fight any enemy and quickly effectively from home airfield aircraft frame rises and falls on combat course leading goal
  • 04:30: [music] aircraft reaches the areas of bushes missiles built in order of battle and launches cruise missiles each Tu-160 It can carry up to 12 missiles flying they placed in a special drum revolver and one after another out of the womb and
  • 05:02: missile missiles are so smart and they themselves line up in order of battle and go targets at altitudes ranging from 10 to 1100 meters skirting the land relief notch their means defense is almost impossible
  • 05:35: rocket themselves can change the direction and rebuilt in flight before the end, they They disagree on impact groups and deals hit such terrorist bases the job is done and all the missile returns to base [music]