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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends today i want tell you more about several pharmacy inexpensive means which can replace you with expensive cosmetics your opinion be beautiful first it is a single power tried to surprise was successful wrestles with wrinkles blackheads perfectly preserves freshness and their faces the condition improves later retinol and vitamin a is main component this ointment Vitamin A helps cells are updated
  • 00:30: improves blood circulation of the skin strengthens blood vessels apply course of one and a half to two months later remnants of the month autumn grain the most favorable time for cosmetics with vitamin a as well as the truth makes the skin too sensitive and the sun's rays the next
  • 01:03: which I want she said Thomas Gibson to Syria by direct purpose of use for wound healing on the skin home cosmetology can can face and hands on heeled heels how many among solcoseryl contains his force blood dialysate dairy calves thereby tremendously operates to taste and is sold in each pharmacy is quite inexpensive before applying asia face cleans pharmacy
  • 01:34: galaxy gave which dilutes cold boiled water alone 10 and we always lubricate the skin a on top of the boat only raw materials I will not decide 20 40 minutes yet another miracle nature panthenol on you could vitamins of group b
  • 02:07: derivative pantothenic acid medicine is used even in children of the first days of life ki diamante as scratches irritations diaper rash of cosmetics apply both moisturizing leaders trunk and slowing down aging fountains improve elasticity of the skin transfer it well-groomed appearance will be restored will soften the club cracked skin on the heels and the last means by which
  • 02:38: I want today tell kuriozin gel is a few more expensive means contains its composition hyaluronic acid and zinc and wanted fights against acne a rash and 5 costs scar formation on the spot of acne hyaluronic acid important elements and long-lasting tissues ability bind to water promotes conservation of elasticity of the skin quantity
  • 03:09: hyaluronic acid from tissues decreases result regeneration slowed down kuriozin gel can provide help moscow beast shows on the skin beneficial the impact is not forget before by applying all these whose means I told me to check their tolerability your body for this apply to skin in the area wrists or
  • 03:39: elbow joint on 20-30 minutes and if not no troublesome skin blushed and me advertising became then you are bold you can enjoy by these means I will be happy if helped you use tips name them be beautiful and are healthy if my
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