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  • 00:00: Street warmer it is time to spring outfits and suddenly it turns out that all favorite dresses treacherous small and a familiar story if the you still just cringe by the word diet out it turns out there is even in this case, our favorite coach Igor Obukhov directly Now show surprisingly complex effective exercise you can lose weight by 7 three kilograms Time and Igor is just a miracle as possible so today we talk about the mend effective
  • 00:30: it is very complex intensive you need to exercise perform all 4 minutes a day and you get stunning result and for this about what I I turned to Igor precisely for this very complex effective and effective and well a long time for us to do water kind letter came from our spectators from Kiev, and whether it faced with a problem that very familiar to many women unfortunately recovered let see Olga happy mother of two I daughters cyber Shinnoka Baloga song won it I took Claim
  • 01:00: kilograms and wants result has passed than alla hour against turn to the individual extra form it and It failed and now Bozhenov poorly for you Olga date from Nikola three week my husband and I Anniversary 10 years moment of love and I really want to get into his favorite dress This dress is very special because he gave it to me When I became pregnant 1 daughter Irochka we not the kind of Omri but soup ISU below highlights two on flowers la thugs
  • 01:31: walk in the gym do sport such as I have now does not work because that two children my whole day passes at home affaires in cooking cleaning Olga has my Life can still see ship you for this Short term tests bouquets kitchen fascinated by teaching Especially we suknele salt and I met She showed her complex very effective and simple exercises she promised to perform them regularly but Today we will check
  • 02:01: see results Is able Olenka put on your favorite dress a la go to we have available. I see that you are wearing dress that was ten years ago you to whom you wanted to please his dear spouse Yes, my husband was in shock He was not expecting this, he even when I have not seen he do not I noticed no diet so when our anniversary, I'm doing this Dress he was just It was very shocked
  • 02:31: nice, I think I will be continue on. and you know how you kilograms lost weight no I do not know I do not weigh as focused only dress dress came let all the same look at how kg of lost weight Olya and how they work such training three weeks ago to I start training field weighed 120 kilograms and now Lolita weight the 11 kilograms and whether you
  • 03:01: lost 9 three kilograms the week I did not itself hard to believe I did not expect such the result is simply Super, I think. what do you with pleasure join us when we learn exercise and put sport suit waiting game you will find a well, as so it turns out that training lasts only 4 minutes a day and the result is simply amazing why this complex so super efficient training on Tabata procedure were invented by physiologist
  • 03:31: Japanese Tabata he spent a lot experiments and brought a pattern that if you do the short exercises intervals of 20 seconds and made between them breaks 10 seconds to relax and make such exercise for four minutes you You get maximum effect wherein for both weight loss and for training muscle in the end of course We need to deal very intense super intensive just four minutes you spread on all 100 percent but we get a good results and all because even when we stop our
  • 04:01: body workout continues spend an extra weight because our metabolism accelerated cool Olenka already dressed sport suit return. it is important to be aware of contraindications 1 such complex effective and intensive you will find you are right but I I would start even indications implement such training first all you have have a level preparation of medium and above because it very long high intensity load and if you there are problems with forever vascular system
  • 04:31: pressure of the course such training you not suit you pre-need lose weight and Only then, as improving physical forms of transition to but such training and besides, even if you are good form you felt dizziness you dark eyes immediately stop these training we It will be several exercise is like separate complexes the first set It consists of two exercise this crouching wife it niyami we squat down and makes it easy to jump it is important to very gently land and not
  • 05:01: injure joints jump like a cat This is the first and great Submission 20 seconds We went immediately We proceed to the second Exercise is running with high lifting knee 20 seconds It passed 10 seconds rest and again repeat the squat from jumping out and running high lifting knee Tabata interval 8 Round 4 Round we here will squat jumping out and 4
  • 05:31: round running high knee lifting prepared 20 seconds and squats jumping up just so long as we are by the way jump I will speak very good major nuance is desirable during these 20 seconds make as but more reps at the same time to Equipment did not suffer often so when dealing a very faster such as performing squatting they remind
  • 06:01: strange movements completely inertial and they do not effective for such study our muscles 20 seconds have passed, we 10 but not recovered and very soon We proceed to the second Exercise is running with high lifting knee if you want to lose weight like Olga 9 kilogram of the knees should be raised higher and it run faster a second interval was 10 seconds to catch his breath Fuh catch one's breath and then 3 again
  • 06:31: Sit down and jumping 8 intervals pray thee the beginning gets executed something that we did not have no not at first turned and then little by little little by little but often it happens if you not very good the level of training you you can do e.g. 20 seconds only 5-6 jumps giving being able to rest not but then quickly gradually as your the level will rise you will be able to accelerate and make such number of km It is the first Complex but to us
  • 07:01: It was not bored during the 2 once it is too uses the leg muscles and it has us jumping put her legs wide squat down and the ascent cubits, reaching colleagues during try to squat down as much as possible below the hips take ago and the ascent knee lift as the possible and again Try to do as a can be more quantity I feel reps It is necessary to 5 seconds
  • 07:32: and even accelerate latest the two shook foot We inhale and exhale following exercise jumping feet apart 20 seconds feet together We jump very simple but the movement is very we land softly let's but that was fun do it while you can play music that that you like and then time in four
  • 08:02: minutes at all fly by Igor did you say that this system is of several complexes 2, we have We made another do you need rest only 10 seconds, but I'm at I have a little No complexes between that you do way you can to do during the day two or three sets yes it will take you 12 August minutes or more but This result is much faster brighter Olenka you have already some of the favorite these complexes to
  • 08:32: Liked everything do most 2 complex I I liked more just me the latter is a feeling that I like if the general house cleaning that is, that's the jumping you are now will last until Tabata will be of only one but it exercises combined very difficult We get down jump wrung and jump up We get down put on a palm then pad to jump out plank position
  • 09:02: We carry one push-ups we jump forward and jump out of here go up up times for all days of vlogs but that's exactly it turns out that some complex near You do not go out and so you have
  • 09:32: choice of as many as three you can set perform any of them or to alternate in one day 1 complex another day, another I I like when there great choice and well worth it granted because Olya thus I chose for himself a second set of yes and I well that you proved that the this complex really It works hello youtube thanks for watching our video if it you like it do not forget to share them in social networks and leave your as well as a comment click the button
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