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  • 00:00: Hello cook with you now Uzbek dough samsa we need water can make to I've got a glass of 2 cup 400 milliliters of water some water, etc. we you throws salt about a little less tsp add more more flour so now I a stirred solution of Argon involve very
  • 00:39: cool kids salt melted Pour slowly flour will knead dough dough should get very tight before going on dumplings in inomanty Generally I'll post I I will show you all do Fiction is the dough out very hard you hurt minutes ten fifteen exactly all we now it take minutes Thirty somewhere
  • 01:09: refrigerator and will roll out thin cake all the dough we I will share held into two parts and so that's the way you can all fall apart flour from this side
  • 01:43: flour we unrolled Now this here is a layer Now this has turned little guinea not exactly happened and to you a secret
  • 02:14: second time I I roll out here this was looking for points so we first on her way dough we wind here about what I hence we went so it we get very easy expands and if you manually will try Roll out here such that's sweet will you have a very difficult continue what we are doing adding sunflower oil take a brush and
  • 02:44: well-oiled the centuries as smazhem we will be her twist so now We are all dealing we turn off take edge and away begin neatly turn off the and turn it up As long as we do not
  • 03:18: parishsya is such Here sausage dashed We have a sausage Now you can and it a little bit twist as the Chamber us that it harder Now and then a large sausage can be divided into two three remove part
  • 03:49: freezer for a couple of hours to it we the dough of the present and Further it will be possible to this test mold our our samsung so we while we were playing let me show you how do this thing molded so well suppose we arrows cabinet so to cut off part of the then themselves or
  • 04:23: drinking Here we see that we have here are turned that's interesting layers I hope you can see Now such we charge a piece cut off such a piece where we cost obtained turn over and so click here and Roll out the flour us What is not useful
  • 04:57: way will Roll out and more we have to reduce Our center is you purely as an example to This permits its people cooking dough for samsa Try to get at you are awesome samsa Uzbek until all all my dough currently samsin puff our way
  • 05:32: originally wanted you do not forget to tell I originally did and the dough has become greased sunflower oil this is a budget option it if you let's not home margarine do not want to shop can do sunflower oil and you will not very good most awesome option that Uzbeks use it margarine his pre-need will melt lubricate our patty then your
  • 06:02: the dough will much better and more layers will be seen better and it is better to climb but because of the principle of test all nothing I forgot it all around till double room 2 days and again I decided to make samsa Here dashed patty here it is in a thin We must have dense how to perform and here I will prepare the same Use our Galen margarine you a hundred
  • 06:32: just get tastier Now it is melted in microwave Well all see that his from melted on the mountain take a brush and here so that's how we grease smazhem will fold principle then you already know should not happen you are much tastier I promise you this while all around try to write that you got