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Olga Nikishicheva the Skirt from jersey for half of hour - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] elegant and feminine practical such wide long skirt Maxi is always in fashion make it possible to all in half an hour [music] the basis tailoring rectangle We will do just one side seam and Natalia to one sew a belt style is suitable for any figure need 1 meter ten centimeters knitted width 150 cm I propose to take with coupon fabric picture
  • 00:30: large embroidery and this cream will miss at bottom of the skirt as a decoration get very beautiful no complicated yardsticks and patterns add up flap fabric length 1 meter half face party inside and We sew it on overlock fights free to Measure out the belt and sew cut off his leaving a small
  • 01:01: hole to then and thread the elastic band fastened his skirts [music] boys threaded through the gum precisely metered by waist [music] hem of the skirt will not hemming and stick with Iron assistance and that's
  • 01:31: a thermobonding webs decompose it in edge and folded the glue [music] That new dress try on a skirt with a blouse and shoes a pullover holiday and sneakers for each day By the way for all sewing spent a total of 800 rubles Olga nikishicheva Ilnur Valiakhmetov
  • 02:01: she doomed 1