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Russians tore American talent of show!  See details »

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  • 00:00: you an act that's no stranger to dealing with extreme pressure is the Russian bar trio they've traveled from Canada to New York hoping the land of opportunity can change their lives our act is the the Russian bar which is a 13 feet long pole where Christine jumps on and if and I hold it on our shoulders it's gonna be risky this stage is pretty tight we don't have a lot of space to move
  • 00:31: the Russian was only four inches wide which is about the size of Christine's foot so there's a good chance that she steps beside it this could prove to be the most life-threatening acts ever attempted in America's Got Talent Oh
  • 01:12: is it wonderful citing access dean in the two years I've
  • 02:15: been doing this show thank you I can honestly say I have never seen that before pepper and it was just with sensation killed by the Sharon ex I drop your eggs are in the way by the way Wow Pierce I thought those absolutely fantastic I'm gonna be elephant thank you very much
  • 02:47: thank you you know what you're perfect for this show is gonna love you I we're gonna vote yes thank you so much great face what have
  • 03:18: you guys you're going all the way I can't believe you you