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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: at the request of the girls with Forum pleasure to deal show knitting itself ordinary round gorlovinki on the surface of water knit skill slice moisture and reduced samples it does not show values seldom have a right hand
  • 00:31: expose to the opposite side of the carriage spick and span outside I first position close once the central on settlements dependence of this as it is round or oval manholes to the moment I I will cover the middle,
  • 01:01: as a piece little I will close 10 5 5 10 stitches therefore 50 the rest I left side exposed in off-position I shall insert button partial knitting provision on and provyazyvayu Now I needed 10 stitches
  • 01:31: closed loop trap them what it was better to close them first put forward then he wrapped to loop went light Points take thread WRAPPED extreme exposed bun I close 1 catcher extreme petelechku
  • 02:03: hang a needle so way to the middle of the night is closed and now seredinku you can simply remove That would be so called among N'Ko round gorlovinki
  • 02:33: if the option of chicken and neck right under the neck here it is better to close or two Kalka or with additional loop It is now standard option and all further along calculation go a butterfly that is, buns, depending the angle of inclination
  • 03:03: neck shoulder I I will show you how to do them just for a round first at the neck butterflies are made through two rows 2 can be removed Decker coal
  • 03:33: It can be a lot of coal Dekker is dependent on how to Contents neck standard Edition add 2 loops 2 Decker coal provyazyvayu two rows of 2 again yet and more here
  • 04:03: we got a sharp taste out can be done soft fill neck that is diminish by 4 rows of 4 4 now loomed
  • 04:41: edge let us have suffice it further You can vyvyazat Skorik shoulder partial knitting direct carriage to the left the right side We can begin you can not pour beat as
  • 05:11: here closed end can just to put it very there will be automatic so entwined expose and provyazyvaem
  • 05:42: the so-called shoulder and close it shoulder closed
  • 06:12: go to your knitting second half gorlovinki translate carriage to the left can snap thread I do it by binding to the last needle and tail can be taken
  • 06:45: and here and so drown to the extreme two three needle hold it put the lever partial knitting position and hang Cap thus turned tail tied remember that here we did have three
  • 07:16: two ticks 2 rows of loops continue on as well shoulder bevel again switch position and we expose the needles
  • 07:47: for shoulder and chamfer now they can be simply again close So we Golovinka ready
  • 08:18: and remove from the car and if possible to steam there are little nuances like slightly elongated petelechka and elementary simple spread Now they spread their loop
  • 08:51: and no stretch marks No studied round Golovinka all somewhere It remains only sew or tie to it some kind of finish Bakey gum or ketlevat in pocket as you wish