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  • 00:00: good afternoon now i I'll tell you about such become as the rocker will say oak stock thought nothing special just in a quick way so to speak in Internet looked how people buy there loads of olives wire steel chair remove the toilet q drills for a feast now regularly plug-in plugin
  • 00:32: grind here I watched and watched went to the conclusion of supersu can be facilitated or facilitate for this you will be needed stationery clips over they are even here different colors all this color to you principle does not come in handy because there will be a cambric on top here is the kembrik will pick up your under this color the moment I have from black green and red well, anyone
  • 01:04: like here need hooks I gave the same girl here I bought one and a half thunder in Internet from people from the easiest is 3 Thunderous and there up to 5 gram to 6 but it's seen they have there for the depth such 8 meters from us where I live 3 meters this is considered Marian
  • 01:35: cavity so that we take such a clasp on clerical clip she seems so small but if its straighten it it will be just our beloved size it will be along the length how much would you think right eight seconds half an autumn with
  • 02:07: half centimeters here half a centimeter will go at the maestro central Well, bend that and that's it. arch in the middle middle and flat the general Komi is compressed so that this little fagot
  • 02:37: less to do miniature so say what's left only shapers lesochku Do not bind no karabinchik of do not have a life complicate things quickly and delicately Here's a rocker at We get now select here
  • 03:11: rubber tubing plastic color knife fell so jinxed still a forest will there be a nato forget the current there attack rose flower superfluous but I'm you I recommend this tip a tiny bit will leave longer not because of this little piece of iron cut them then you
  • 03:41: will lead constantly straighten out and not get confused then take bowl for leash we take cards here someone there that they like that's so small all this is tied up and weight one and a half thunderous the moment itself is such here took junior tent
  • 04:11: aesthetically pleasing cartridges for fish is a principle for me when and as a result of We got here this here beam a sliding here for him you lower it to the bottom you are so laid down put a boat do a little bit slope checks all at
  • 04:42: bite you rict there will be an excuse for nods nodding down at the rise you will never be peck read the games will be carry all I wish good luck and more bites all the best