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  • 00:00: the beginning of the transfer immediately I want to congratulate our spectators and fishermen with beginning of the season because the season we we begin as a rule with carapace catching then there is moss float fishing rod I already did several trips to nature and last year's observation shows that up to now Since then, people are catching us what is it called folk method people come to
  • 00:30: fishing in his excitement in he finishes his eyes sits and bites are not present no no no and so would he and left if nearby but someone did not sit down correct tackle not started catching and then man understands that something has it is not so about that what is wrong I suggest today and talk on this basic error fishermen in that with is called is obtained from them in end very rude I I propose and show today how to assemble
  • 01:01: thin sensitive sport tackle I prepared the line diameter 016 basic 014 the leash I assure you for crucian carp and for carp there within a kilogram of one and a half this quite enough it is necessary to put 03 04 s breaking load 5-6 kilos you such a fish does not you will catch in force of course fishing line must be qualitatively good then you can talk o thin diameter on
  • 01:31: sports floats on long keel is kembrik if they do not have them means you need groups or chopped fir take this set with cambrics yes we will need three cambric two short and end several longer so that he hung a little with tip now I have them I remove from here before Antenna on the body the float is usually We begin the ring with him
  • 02:02: now we dress cambric cooked with using these short clerks we fix the float on the line that is the first cambric we straight move to the body float 2 short cambric dressing and shift it to middle keel under end fix long cambric length of branded hang a bit
  • 02:32: here that here not traumatize ends of a as rule a little bit post and that's why three cambrick because when traveling 2 from float on the line in case if this one cambric absent then pulling the line the antenna is so bent often yes and if she that's non-metallic as in my case graphite it is possible just to break well or bend while here so float We put on further
  • 03:02: must load it we will surround several fractions us that is it principled difference from the people's tackle so -called when the entire load collect in one of the The error here is not that error flaw such a gear in what this load is all heavy carp should lift happens that to times fits feel this weight and he throws her float as stood and stands so we'll blow it out here is this load all over the lines for this
  • 03:33: meaningful look Loading the float as rule on the body written in this case this is a float 2 I take a set I choose to load suppose several loaded and start encircle to clamp it is better to have something such as these on the tongs they are soft yes and here at the time this gap in lead she does not hurt
  • 04:05: line and sinker after this is very important can move on line then we begin attach the sinker the bottom line because this a piece we do not care we will cut off because that all the same fishing line will be be traumatized in this place on methane to what have such a plot on those if we hold a set of pellets of different we must take into account that the weight of pellets
  • 04:36: their size should in the direction of the hook decrease say 1 gram there the olive was hung afterwards pellets there 06 03 02 and so on, that is in reduction should be if we confused during casting heavier part will be sweep over and we we will constantly sit instead of fishing unravel our I now have to take it I'll start checking date bottles 8 tasks such basic let's call them sinkers to load a float
  • 05:06: so that he goes out on working depth about then that the tip of the body the float was peeping out well, or on an antenna that is, this one its working depth here I am now achieved what and I wanted to see y literally a little black body float and itself the antenna is on ears the beam does not touch the dan that is, this is his working pear now my task is to pick up now it's a bag there is this most
  • 05:36: petite sinker which will be be in the area Daddy's leash is this exactly that weight which will have to be fish to raise in bite time we must begin to ensure that this cargo was like can be less fish He did not feel it because we have biting fish in particular carp comes from the bottom so we need upload it so so that this small pellet drowned almost drowned
  • 06:06: antenna check see the sinker do not yet touch the bottom but the float is practically conveniently that is given case it is already visible the water surface is higher ontent ie we have achieved and you wanted. he drowned now if I exclude now from shipment of sub-packs After his exploit and we see what we have again float float after all
  • 06:38: he is again in the working position like here such a tackle on the water to rebuild the there is a measure depth is at the expense of that we are his have achieved that Float month by helmets sink completely under the water then we expose well, in advance depth is less than there is in fact and we throw a fishing rod we see that the float We went under water and we we begin it silently raise raises as long as we have the float will not come out well
  • 07:08: here for a intermediate value is when works alone shipped off shepherd boy and when the is included pulls the line here in this position stuck out of the water we are then sure that under the pash we have at the bottom that is our the bait lies on the bottom not dangling somewhere air between leash and float there is no free fishing lines in principle of equipment ready we should
  • 07:40: cut off a piece on which we fastened the sinker so at the end we are here form a loop for so that we can subsequently hitch here fasten the leash together here the node yes there we will not have attach leash here is this part we omit our shepherd boy the leash we make of lines less number 2 rooms less they
  • 08:12: to the rooms of Mtusi merged I used the main 014 occasion can be 012 that is, sharp transition 02 and 012 can not put in The cut-off time is not will happen redistribution load between the line mind and prepared I take tents leash in which on end also a loop is formed and further way so called a loop in I connect my loop snap a strip
  • 08:43: no extra nodes date we remove that each node is loss of strength fishing line now what are we here for? several pellets are here until the main reasons why it was impossible replace in one piece lead or large crushed olive such a set allows we build a tackle is more sensitive and this tackle
  • 09:13: in almost any moment from cast to of that until our bait is not at the bottom it is ready in order to catch We must fish several pellets say 2 leave near floats then centimeters to us 43 if for what after casting these pellets the first pull float and it should get into the work that is, he somehow
  • 09:43: should be one he does not must lie motionless like this on he must water get into the work because during falls can be fish fed from above is in the thick water and at any time smoothly at night bait on can attack and we must be ready for this next I take 2 pellets of which will solve the speed immersion to our bait because especially here in the summer months and ponds where very much shallow she does not give fish
  • 10:14: the bait is simple fall to the bottom and we would like to the bait broke through this thickness of water fast enough yes and got ours here main markets for which we have come to and somewhere not less than 40 50 centimeters from we need be the last here sinker from main our shipments by distributing cargo in we will get so smoothly sinking bait and in the
  • 10:45: at the end we see that y us the float came out on working depth when all the main our rigging he joined the comes out here on such and we are still waiting for something time and when daddy's garden will reach on it at us slowly sinking at the there is this given depth which we put here's all the tackle from us rebuilt what will happen bites to fish takes bait and raises this one
  • 11:15: small little to Rabinowicz where weighing 0.2 grams we picked up and we have a float just will rise here on that depth on which we loaded it main load notice this the rise is very easy I believe that's the antennas of modern they are very they are clearly visible different the colors there are yellow red but in the sun they are literally their very is clearly visible from
  • 11:46: this change in visibility Here's a antenki such a piece here on so believe me very much much noticeably better time is called if we we have a bite on the flow is clearly understandable the float drowned again same for the price to catch the love fish are a lot careful hungry not hungry which you defeated this is such a bait tackle will help you see everything for clarity, we
  • 12:16: is in the studio here I'll try the aquarium now show how it will look like Well, in life Now we are a summit ravale the situation is like this we are worth a float then now we see that here is the cargo with us distributed yes somehow in the water column and here small bag sadika coachman lies small little The grain of a point lies now i simulate I will bite the fish Raises the bait breaks off the balance from 1
  • 12:46: and we see a rise antenna you see here she came to us on given by us from built-in height antenna occurred climb this time for cutting this situation very clearly to shows that we can not see on fishing how it works tackle than she differs profitable aside from what usually catch from us and fishermen go to such an option I assure you luck is not you will be lucky water