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  • 00:00: Hello Montpellier can be prepared with different fillings today We will prepare dumplings with potatoes mantis potatoes is very delicious and satisfying less expensive dish the dish is cooked is and will remain real pleasure first prepare the dough Appear Sachko break one egg add one teaspoon mix and adds 200 meters
  • 00:30: pour the resulting liquid 500 grams of flour and mix fairly stiff dough dough for installation You can be prepared by hand these missions test ready dough on a very low we deliver to relax over 20 minutes 30 until the dough is resting we prepare the filling shinkuem 700 grams of onion Photo Frame and adds it to Mexico
  • 01:02: Schenk it into thin strips and the cut into cubes with the country of 4 mm one kilogram of potatoes add block the same does not go manageability hit also teaspoon salt black pepper if desired you can add a half teaspoon spoon ground mix well filling is ready for convenience, I have time to cook can be SSR
  • 01:34: kitchen cover film whereas Montreuil is easy to remove tests achinka Bermant and Qatar can be start their preparation roll out dough thickness not exceeding one millimeter and cut into squares with sides of 10 December centimeters
  • 02:06: Montpellier can cook with different fillings with meat Turkish ports recipe dumplings with meat and Malta with pumpkin you will find on our website a video cooking point rubles and Russian cooking videos, etc. see anyway in the middle of each square
  • 02:50: put the stuffing on top of the filling put the piece butter fat it kurdjuchnogo Getting cell Magnitogorsk combine all corners envelopes and then combine the resulting angle 4 while porn add up the mantle in the stage
  • 03:25: premoistened bedplate every tricks in vegetable oil We do birochki kitchen to film couples can freely go up and I continue to invest constantly growing Do not forget the case of the primary Pour boiling water pan cherry
  • 03:55: supplementing it by two-thirds the height Depending on the steamer while year funnel top tier and directly outside the pan cover with a lid and put on a hunt cook over high heat under the hood about 40 minutes ready-band 3 spread on a dish and then it became a member yesterday dogs
  • 04:26: teams from potatoes can be submitted melted butter if there greece homemade sour cream you will find the section in the culinary tricks on our site cooking video rub point and Russian video cooking point this Bank inspiration good luck and pleasant certificate