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  • 00:00: hi there today I'm just going to show you how to do the little rosette on the stitch here now I've already worked up the front part the little leaves so what we're going to do these are little V stitches these green pieces here we're going to take our pink yarn we're going to insert into one of those B stitches take your pink yarn draw up a loop and
  • 00:31: yarn over draw up a loop so that's what one chain we're going to do another chain now this is our first one so we're going to do five double crochet in this V stitch so one two three
  • 01:04: four and five and when you're done your last one drop about a one-inch loop there and remove your hook now insert your hook in between your two chain and your first stitch put the loop over your hook tight knit your loop and pull it through and that creates your first
  • 01:35: rosette now I chain one and then two more chains three chains in total now we're going to work our next V stitch so five double crochets sorry we're going to work our next rosette in our V stitch so five double crochets one two three four
  • 02:07: I'm in five so you have your five stitches now normally when you do the popcorn stitch you would insert your hook into the first stitch but for these I just put it to the right of the first stitch and pull it through so we do three chains now one two three and you go on to working on your next rosette so
  • 02:39: I'll do one more just to give you an exam so again five double crochets in your V stitch one two three four and then five drop a little loop remember insert your hook just to the right of your first double crochet put your loop
  • 03:09: on and tighten it and then pull through and up and around like that then you get three chains one two three and then just continue in that manner and you'll get your little rosebuds