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  • 00:00: Hello everyone in this we will prepare sushi for we need this nori leaves one side of a sheet rough and the other smooth so here is the flight we will stack precisely on rough side sheet needed to cut in half because of the whole sheet will be too many further leaf surfaces need to distribute boiled rice is the most responsible an important process production on land and in the same time represents a nothing complicated
  • 00:30: basic rule for this pic needs distribute to leaf surfaces evenly and himself the rice layer must be as thin as possible so do not calmly hurrying up small pinch in chips rice single word about the rice itself and sale exists special risk land he usually costs more expensive than usual in several times it can be replaced the most common milk robe with this difference is not taste not in consistency both products on my view is not
  • 01:01: top of sheet one and a half centimeter you need leave free then some part of it go crazy and that is called glue roll and will not give him after disintegrating further we lay down filling the bottom sheet in this case it's smoked fish and then we put ourselves fox at the bottom here such a rug and then simply turn off the rice when help que rico here so two times and get ready roll many offer to seal food mat
  • 01:31: film for so that he does not get dirty but I personally think that this should not be done because from the forest laid flat and carefully he wakes up respectively dirty the mat is not will be advice I want offer prepare immediately several sheets with rice and after washing his hands of rice wrap up with stuffing the second stage Another tip use those of fish as fillings and you are just now see this on video Well and for 3 stuffings I
  • 02:12: used around now need cut in half and then cut both halves of 3 equal parts of a knife while doing this must be sharp that's all for now
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