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  • 00:14: Hello this is my you got to the fried food noodles in Chinese comminuted beam cilantro 2 celery stalk
  • 00:30: and so low juice Well ginger stripes where it is so in terms of half or two walnuts walnut 3-4 cloves of garlic not very small punctures chili pepper which
  • 01:00: choose the amount themselves if it is very urgent soups need respectively on the contrary. . slightly less 2 onions like this because of its size. pork meat grams 400 I cut
  • 01:31: prior It is not too large pieces they prepare fast noodles is ordinary person and do not expensive afraid it 35 minutes cooking and even is smaller with two half minutes fold in a colander and rinse with plenty of cold Water is necessary make recover until welding on the pictures on
  • 02:00: flag washed on high heat set a small cauldron or 60 liters of 70 new deposit Oil was packing again bow Search a timber ginger and it is high heat for a length of dish is prepared
  • 02:30: would be enough and just right we pepper even after a couple of minutes mint three minutes stirred it here so she roasted minutes 1215 try not to prepare and large pieces and residents less than 20 neglecting
  • 03:02: shield is very fragrantly already a fact and you until the caves and tomato 5 tablespoons about a couple of spoonfuls haze height put his assistant more stats
  • 03:32: He threw noodles Tereblya and hands warmed stand that or just 50 to 60 road 40 doors eg
  • 04:00: when one had a stick component fixed oil which It appears here, and how oil as a flavoring open the lid or three minutes minimum fire cloud cover flavor
  • 04:36: that's so simple set the general for wooden steam sticks and this appetite luck see you