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  • 00:00: I do worse sorcerer you shall see my worst you have no chance Thunder dog London plots out the Sun tomorrow man Keeney hello my lovely you repulse us hideous one I have no quarrel tear your flesh I now have a quarrel how many souls do you harbour we
  • 00:34: real there are thousands yet have no heart scorpion no rabies you best keep your hands off it hey Humpty Dumpty only a fool would speak to me thusly only a dork would say that's weak scum baby Fair swings on me they're all gonna be on you a dead man walks you will know
  • 01:05: the sting of winter you have found your demise Quan Chi my dark magics will overwhelm you lightning cuts through the dark Oh snoring the sight of you well death will be swift retool of all sorcery not comparison to me very well
  • 01:35: do we know we have fought before construct memories gone crunchy the last of a forgotten race your last memory will be up teeth hello you seek a challenge yes but you will do the Lizardman I will tear your flesh so
  • 02:07: it's a go we must work together first I test your strength I know your weaknesses help me conjure green energy ok you have not your father's gift you kind of suck as a mentor reptile you will follow before his day ends not to you return to court out world was never my home the
  • 02:41: Khan demands boys G katana scorpion sub-zero
  • 04:43: so just very Oh No the show
  • 05:14: excellent
  • 07:26: Thomas Takahashi Takeda Jacqueline Briggs Kong
  • 08:11: Jin you are not welcome here sub-zero let's talk Kassandra you lead this group but they do not follow until you function as one you will fall short our village was the epicenter of a fierce battle a talisman with a center jewel the emperor grows desperate and those caught in the middle pay the price if this talisman is what I suspected to
  • 08:41: be we may all pay a price keno talked you know Marino's location and a whole rebel army she has the amulet but she's got a lot of protection you took mine the road now you wish to steal my means of reclaiming it okay guys standard diamond formation Takeda you're on point Jackie bring up the rear what makes you our leader is that
  • 09:15: don't know about you guys but I'm living the dream Earth realms fate lies with you you