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  • 00:00: Hello today I will cook quite uncomplicated recipe from medium perch weight approximately 80 100 grams what do I need for this you need to prescription first we cook carcass of perch according to the known technology, that is, we we cut off the head and gut also me will need mayonnaise coarse salt head Luke foil for baking and the actual gr
  • 00:30: baking sheet perches are being prepared feeling first business we have them slightly natrium coarse salt coal needs a hotel We are salted here thus the abdomen the area of the abdomen leave unsalted because there will be mayonnaise is known Salt is not to was stopped therefore rubbing tail and rub it back like this
  • 01:00: I process haku her and shift another capacity for now perch salted can already include oven top-bottom mode 180 185 degrees and themselves proceed to cutting Luke onion cut into can be smaller even worth it
  • 01:30: Grate if you have a bow caustic then you can before by adding we a little bit in I had approximate kilogram to her in front of gutting therefore
  • 02:00: 1 onion head and 150 grams of mayonnaise to me before this dish is enough half of us ready to shift in the capacity that we we will mix onions with mayonnaise half whole onion cut shift in capacity add mayonnaise
  • 02:38: mayonnaise is added from calculation 1 dining room a spoonful of us big perch if perch less than 180 grams respectively
  • 03:09: means a proportion stir stir what happened less homogeneous mass falls apart but in principle refueling is ready for us benefit
  • 03:45: were small in portions music is small It turned out now for to us about pony foil did not stick a little bit we shall grease a foil vegetable oil and now
  • 04:24: speaking we begin to stuff a perch our carcass, if very a lot of salt put it in a bowl, take a spoonful we are a lize with onions we lay in the abdomen so here we are rows of foil so repeat with
  • 05:00: Akunin and all our decomposed appreciated we take 2 1 we close fragment after 2 behold
  • 05:34: and very carefully this protested on the side minutes to cook and here to the bottom of foil pour a little water in fire and disgust us not with the king and choose in the oven the oven warmed up to the right temperature put the pan on
  • 06:04: average level close and leave for 20-30 minutes passed merchant taken out of the oven we remove the top layer shells are already ready we put another 10
  • 06:36: minutes already without foil the dish was replaced you can wife as modules more heat you zero the dish from Oven as you can see the window is beautiful depart from the foil shift to a dish like us now delete someone else's way
  • 07:06: neatly with a fork along the dorsal we spend a fin we see that we have scales very well in layers enters here like this way floor Nitschke leave with a tail similar repeat with another hand invert 5-door
  • 07:36: back planet conduct here scales a little forgery of the chateau is something bottom layer of floor so it's a little worse Leaves can be given to her slightly dry up that is, first
  • 08:08: clean everything with one hand then invert literally give wait a minute and clean another hand the dish turns out very gentle and therefore that he is on his own fish is not greasy spray a little lemon sprinkle with chopped dill and serve pleasant table appetite