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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to my channel today will home cooking canned mackerel for that we It needs mackerel frozen two Goodies little grandson January 1 2 small carrots bay leaves 4 pepper peas black two tablespoons vegetable oil 2 teaspoons salt a sharp deposed
  • 00:30: bottles should be laid on the laurel leaf and 2 pea black pepper flour and purify chop here such small semicircles carrots can cut into pieces You can grate on I coarse grater carrots rubbed on grater for Korean merck you here so we I turned to you It should be quite a bit We purify our fish from
  • 01:02: entrails and we do not have a head cut it seredinke well wash forget Thunder in the black plyonochku or our career It is tasteless less would you to pieces somewhere around on March 2 here are centimeters to fish well we need to hit that she was little ice cream even if it does not preprinted clean cut Now it turns out
  • 01:32: we will form our jars at the bottom we already have spice put the rings flour carrots fill a jar of fish alternating layers with bow and carrot jar our fish
  • 02:02: is now filled was added to each jar on the table spoon vegetable Oil also add 1 teaspoon to salt jar pour cold water to take away very top since
  • 02:37: Further, let the fish juice and our vegetables so as not poured of jars in Cover with cooking Our jar lids if you are normal it is necessary to cover vynyat rezinochku established necessarily cold oven includes upper and bottom heating and at 150 degrees, our fish
  • 03:09: It must be duhovochke 1:00 fish our oven already one o'clock conduct and throw grab our jars of fish and wrap up some warm Blankets reserve so to complete cooling from a given amount ingredients it turns two 480 sticks
  • 03:40: milliliters here are excellent canned mackerel we prepared the house thanks for all Attention subscribe to channel and put husky see you soon on my channel