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  • 00:00: hello pig soup Azerbaijan Skogen origin It called on the gambling I send pan 40 50 grams butter or ghee one I cut an onion quarters of the rings dispatch to brown slightly sharp pepper will give your flavor of the dish will not be
  • 00:31: sand monster that on my chicken then wiped her feet to wipe them dry can use way optional legs you can use chicken thighs or even chicken he cut pieces a wee bit vegetable oil 2 in a frying pan I send the hare legs I work for more
  • 01:03: market so minutes in three overturn then flip a couple of times as well, to try to stem were fry with all sides these legs fry I submit them to the pan to the ship potatoes about the same quantity
  • 01:33: surface potatoes cut quite large and even a small tubers and there is not even cut let it be entirely I pour water and a the number of couple liters of water this way he to a temperature from bring to boiling until the cause of boils rarely prunes pieces five to six no large pieces and
  • 02:04: on a clear will to Europe sprinkle the finished soup stand-foam gently rented can say carefully the fire to a minimum and cover with lid yes By the way, you can add bay leaf and
  • 02:34: albeit at a slow fire boiling water deal hot pepper add button also I add 3 teaspoonfuls tablespoons cumin go the left hand after two or three minutes half a teaspoon turmeric interesting spice to this immediately gives the whole this dish so orange through
  • 03:04: I add a couple of minutes half of banks canned tomatoes is at wish add tomatoes not still can not add to decide for yourself went tomatoes I add the prunes and which literally prograf it does exactly and zazharki ready sending and pot instead turmeric way too can be used another crank
  • 03:35: hat on roasted google a a little more here whatever potatoes and more minute it was fire at least see
  • 04:05: Ten minutes later I turn off or even minutes ten need filed soup is easy and it is easy to do interesting today prunes imparts sweetness only lemon is very it is desirable to give interesting acidity proceed greens can priporoshit
  • 04:36: black pepper all great all luck while