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  • 00:00: welcome in touch in lace drinking at school computer Literacy and the I'll share a video with you a secret that It helps not contain PC in full right now on Over the years, I set my operating system and after that I did not once again somehow not then reinstalled is, I just do certain actions that help me have your computer order and accordingly I no problems with
  • 00:30: We jump out of some there scary banners computer freezes reboot constant brakes and so turn-circuit complete cleaning computer all that we need it actually two program is a cylinder plus there more it anvir task program manager But it is not required condition it is desirable and the second is any good Antivirus is zero Kaspersky or I I recommend to the general
  • 01:00: the case of the anti-virus nod is, if you now worth some but other than antivirus I gave Kaspersky I recommend you to safely remove your antivirus and put antivirus nod or if you truly powerful then put the computer antivirus Kaspersky If your computer does not It is very powerful antivirus Kaspersky will heavily load your system respectively, will be and slow and therefore in general, I I recommend
  • 01:30: install it node anti-virus and so on fact sequence action is very simply the first we using the program cycle on with its help we clean all that is possible clean up on computer and then already the second step, we Antivirus check if computer viruses if there is according to their So first remove step run sockliner program if you do not have it on
  • 02:00: computer, you can it free download from the official site Besides a video there is lessons that I have to I recorded on this a separate program for hole cycle and anvir task manager, you can see these lessons leave these programs respectively Jurgis to do so first run Cleaner and software c the first tab we need Cleaning this tab we initially browsers set all
  • 02:30: you may tick run the program and you will stand there only the top ticking time browser files if you do this Clean the first time the immediately you say Put all the checkboxes here especially on internet explorer set all tick on below let everything as worth but there is a default just in case check that is tick must stand as I have now! This video below tab windows on
  • 03:01: applications tab just as if you have installed tanks the other browsers set all tick all browsers does not matter even if you put a tick saved passwords in You will have a message I agree bead and passwords too all clean saved but warning after that there is no automatically inputs there is your social for example if you network used to enter the classmates or vkontakte at once enabled browsers We went there and contact in classmates after
  • 03:32: that this is not so if you will Now you know more I remember their passwords I recommend you to their Now write out somewhere separately remember to write down save one word because after this procedure all your passwords all links will be cleared accordingly not will be automatic log on to those sites on who already like your browser to remember how to go there so set on all browsers all daw daw all without
  • 04:03: exception if you do cleaning in for the first time and more look at the bottom already already there like crows Now the video should but it will be depend on the applications that will you be short program she will understand which Galkina applications but it is important to put it is on browsers put all the jackdaws that is, initially Internet Explorer and applications Other browsers firefox and opera google chrome if you are standing and so after you
  • 04:34: We put all the jackdaws push button analysis analyzes system what you have to a computer that can be clear after completion not to issued your system not to show in any case press the button cleaning in any case, that is, it is not lead to someone out there Remove Programs or distortion of some the system data there is no fear boldly press the button cleaning and further press the ok button
  • 05:05: Next, the program you will give that cleared a certain number megabytes or gigabytes maybe it was first phase following go to step tab Register here all the checkboxes will once exhibited suddenly you will not stand to this tick then go ahead and put all checkmark Then press the button Search for problems like see my computer even registry does not find no problem because I periodically make
  • 05:35: one such purge after the word the process is finished push button correct and then you program will window which It will be shown number of mistakes registry we previously asked to save old registry copy you can safely press button is not meaning you I do not need a copy of old registry will continue to be a button fix is something error number boldly press on this button will be there fix it all you
  • 06:05: the middle will click on the button, in principle, the end will be where video you'll see where all still pushing click on the button and correct all registry errors This procedure can repeated several time can also click on the button search issues repeatedly perhaps at a time entire registry program is not going to clean and safely press fix what is here too, do not be afraid something somewhere broken just You press the button and sprite
  • 06:35: the next step go to the tab service and tab remove programs view a list software that you which are no longer needed you do not work after you like We found such a program here allocated and press the button uninstall it do not remove a Uninstalling
  • 07:05: remove programs you do not need See the list if you do not understand what programs need some not then go to Google typed name programs that read is this program if you do not understand what programs you installed because very often is that users Basically do not remember that is put there is that putting some program and there have forgotten to turn off some ticks and put three top program
  • 07:35: respectively if Do not you remember that you We put this program or accurate and do not know what kind of program Basically you can safely and if you remove just do not know what is this program and second if you Still in doubt then go to google and see what this important programs push not remove one installation after this procedure I recommend to go again in the registry so I Now delete example this program femeli
  • 08:05: 11 about one to installation the program was completely removed ok computer and urgently I once again after all this procedure I go to clean Register tab and pressing the search button problems suddenly Program some retired incorrectly and remained in the register
  • 08:35: some traces of this case all is well retired and in the registry there could be no tracks respectively, after remove all programs I recommend you go again but Istria brushed next step is Startup tab Here we look at all that you automatically It falls into the memory after loading operating system there are a number of tabs The first tab is wine worth all that It occurs after
  • 09:05: download windows and look at what you have automatically loaded into memory and correspondingly unwanted programs remove from memory In order to process It was faster downloads In order to during operation the computer is not inhibited and there may be programs that will contribute appearance on your different computer banners including obscene content any advertising sites, etc.
  • 09:36: If you see such program is highlight it and click disable or just click on it twice value changes with Currently there that is for to shut down We need to put value is not done there just or double-click the left mouse or just button switch turn off at this case disable us so if you are interested in and you again do not know
  • 10:08: what kind of program we need startup or not you need to just look in Google What is this program, and what it does consider ways where these files if the path is for example here is a way there appdata feel free to in principle, can disable the file it some application that loads Tomsk is a temporary folder is not
  • 10:39: always need it if is there any folder different from the program files if the folder once It is different from the program files First look What is this file here this case to system file visible that the windows system32 folder and the idea driver associated with the printer Well, there is something there always signed Publisher what kind of publisher if famous Brand
  • 11:09: e.g. canon epson hp and pedal the accordingly it is possible leave this program do not need it remove and tomorrow for many Russian programs such as Tomsk field secu automatically loaded them too you can safely disable with memory automatically loading those programs that you need to have been you can download post here for example I speaking clock face automatic download and I do not
  • 11:39: Therefore remove there are a number program from adobe that there check automatic update many all their applications It can also be safely disable ie if you will path list and the way the doctor can safely disable more there system files driver they too located in the program folder files and are usually called
  • 12:09: Related devices they intended for example program files here chubby respectively it blyutuza driver eset here it is clear that this antivirus that is it do not touch let it automatically download realtek audio This audio driver aki this driver chart that is, on the idea in publishers are all It will be signed if again to you
  • 12:39: something strange is go to google and see what this file and worth their delete or not to google and you'll find a all this information and so on that is when you walk disable the entire list unnecessary load in memory turn to next step is verification already ie with viruses Kinari we finished all procedures we cleared unnecessary files on computer we We clean up the registry
  • 13:09: We completely removed unwanted programs computer cleaned Startup to have We are not in the startup it was unnecessary programs the way walk in all pleats look may eat it Tab especially As for what some toolbars and unnecessary then it is already possible launch your antivirus software does not have to hit your first Antivirus should be it is always updated there are all bases should
  • 13:40: be able to suit maximum degree of protection updated and antivirus it should be functional and peace cool bob mode continue if you antivirus nod then go to the tab while scanning we click selective scanning and expose daw firstly because sandisk that he always system check if you on computer here several system
  • 14:10: Disc that is you example set computer several operating systems be sure install a tick in the first place random access memory second system disk if more than one is respectively all system disks Well, then there is already on your choice ie local Drives you can skip to the can be viruses but it is not as critical such as
  • 14:40: locomotive memory or on the system disk that is you can at first test course put all the checkboxes all drive well, except for cdroms no sense put a tick on the contrary there cdroms Lady of rum and push button scan well forth after graduation test scan program will inquiry what to do there clean or remove those files which it
  • 15:11: can not clean by virus if it will have it It will ask you to delete do not remove, in principle, I recommend you just click button to remove or think about what may be there consequences ie if suddenly there will be a virus this program is a program you always can remove if the virus was already in the the core operating system hip windows here in Anyway output
  • 15:42: one operating system you need will in any case reset because another therefore, there is no escape initially just for research leave your computer if antivirus cleanse the if you do not cleanse cleanse the settle for removing all essentially this is now the main cleaning steps computer when you will this the procedure to do at least once a month your computer always will net you do not will be no
  • 16:12: pop-ups hang with download the browser on You will not attack Well one virus word your computer will work on order of magnitude faster and effective well and you will be less than the head pain complicated taxes computer so do all these actions Do these actions I periodically I recommend it and work on your computer with maximum I further efficiency I recommend you
  • 16:43: view a lesson that is it debriefing with one of my students we have done here exactly the same cleaning operation computer there It will sound but are important points for downloading such programs cycle at startup and program settings and set nod32 antivirus that is how download it from official site how to find it on keys and how to to run on
  • 17:13: if scanning You will be some question necessarily ask in comments I happy to answer that's all to the meeting The following lessons